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  1. Just a brief hello from another Note owner who's glad to see this section. Here's hoping it attracts sufficient numbers to build up momentum
  2. Likewise & as a result I've switched away from MCR to Vanilla Eclair. However I don't regret donating to MCR. It was always a donation for work existing, not a payment for future development. I probably wouldn't have donated if it wasn't for the anticipation of new releases but that's by the bye. If Hero MCR sees no further development I can't blame Paul. In his position I'd be playing with the latest & best gadgets.
  3. There's a more recent radio which aiui doesn't have this issue, just google for it, the version ends _6.35.15.14 iirc.
  4. You should be able to. Unfortunately I have no idea what could explain why this might be happening to you. In the meantime you could try backing up the files using adb pull from the command line, instead of a filer & mass storage mode, but obviously you will want to figure out why you're experiencing this problem. Hopefully someone can assist.
  5. Netstat does all of that except the auto cut off. You could try asking the developer if s/he'd consider adding such a feature.
  6. You could try Calendar Pad or Pure (Grid) Calendar.
  7. Have you tried Beautiful Widgets? That has a skinable home widget which combines clock & weather. Skins can be downloaded via the widget settings & there's even an 'htc clone' skin available (though not through the usual means, as HTC asked for it to be removed; you'll have to google to find that skin).
  8. Um, if your problems are with apps stored on your sd card, maybe the card is faulty? Try reformatting the ext partition. If that doesn't help try a different sd card.
  9. I tried r5 & had too many issues, so as I'm moving away from Sense I installed Vanilla Eclair 4. After restoring DocsToGo I found the sheet I use for recording financial transactions appeared corrupted: two columns seemed to be replaced with repeating elements from the first row. Viewing the same .xls on my laptop showed no corruption to the data itself. So it seems Docs2Go has some issue with respect to several 2.1 ROMs resulting in it incorrectly rendering sheets. I tried several reinstalls via Titanium Backup & in the end redownloaded from DataViz. This is probably worth doing as although I already had 2.003 & the market showed no updates, the current version is 2.003 build 605, which might be a more recent build for you; it was for me. However this won't fix the issue :lol: Eventually I hit upon a workaround. I loaded the .xls into Office 2007 & exported it as a .xlsx file. DocsToGo was then able to correctly render & edit the file. If your problem files are currently in the old .xls format this might work for you too. Do post back to let us know.
  10. Apparently, not anmore.
  11. Guess you found it hard to understand he said he'd do it at the WEEKEND :(
  12. No. As I see from what you subsequently write, you know there is an obvious difference between the filing system, which is kernel level & concerned with how data is written to the hardware, and the format of individual files which is down to the writing application. Fair dos as you were trying to keep the explanation simple. I thought it made sense to differentiate between the filing system & the data stored within it, as a change to merely the latter means the constant advice to wipe ones entire sd card, re partition & reformat is misguided. Of course I might well have not made that clear enough. There's always going to be errors in many posts, especially in user lead forums (no doubt often in mine too); I only posted my opinions & experiences as I thought there were more than usual in this thread, diluting its value. Blessed be.
  13. There seems to be a lot of misinformation in this thread. There's no change in the filing systems because of the upgrade from 1.5 to 2.1. One difference however is that WIP uses the stock kernel which doesn't support ext4. If your a2sd partition currently uses ext4 you'll need to reformat that single partition as ext2 or ext3. The new radio works fine with UK Orange handsets. Most however will interpret the change much as if you'd swapped to a non Orange SIM. The only solution is to flash back to a previous radio or unlock your handset. If you buy an unlock code this can be entered straight into handset running the new radio; there's no need to flash back, unlock & then restore the new radio. If you prefer, the previous radios will work with WIP. Opinions as to which radio is actually better seem to be mixed. Most other problems I've seen reported appear to be due to users not fully wiping before flashing the new ROM. 1.5 apps should generally work under 2.1, however when it comes to the new 2.1 apps in the ROM, some will store their data using file formats not compatible with their 1.5 equivalents. Failing to wipe this data before running the new ROM can therefore cause problems. I ran the new radio for a few days with MCR 3.2 & had to unlock my phone. After that I switched to WIP. This is how I updated from MCR 3.2 to MCR pre 4 WIP: Full backup with Titanium Backup. Nandroid back up including ext partition. Wipe data, cache & ext partition. As I was using ext4 I reformatted to ext3. Flash new ROM, boot, do some initial configuration & install my Titanium Backup key. Use TB to restore my third party apps. I chose not to restore any system data, as it's hit & miss as to which won't have changed format between 1.5 & 2.1, but if you need to, a little research should tell you which are safe to restore. Google sync took care of my contacts. Sorted. Oh & I never had to touch the FAT32 partition. I've had no problems so far. It seems a wee bit laggy to me compared to 3.2, but then I have installed quite a few new apps & widgets, which could easily explain this. I certainly don't want to go back to 1.5. I love the greater range of apps & finally my bluetooth keyboard works ;)
  14. zorm

    Vanilla Vs Sense

    Have you had it working with any other 2.1 ROMs? Paul's WIP works with a Freedom Pro & its own drivers, but I've yet to test it with VE. If you know it works with a 2.1 Sense ROM such as WIP & haven't yet, perhaps you could add your report to the Vanilla Eclair thread?
  15. zorm

    Vanilla Vs Sense

    Paul's WIP kitchen allows one to bake a ROM without Sense. Hopefully Paul can incorporate whatever fix Radu has, so that BT will work on Senseless WIPs. I'd like to stick with the upcoming MCR, but am slowly drifting away from Sense.
  16. zorm

    Hero (G2) Unlocking

    Generally not, but if you're running a stock Orange UK firmware it can do, as Orange screw with the unlock codes. Apparently in this case flashing to a custom rom will allow the code to work.
  17. zorm

    Vanilla Vs Sense

    One person mentioned a problem with BT /after/ removing Sense from Paul's 2.1 WIP. However BT certainly works with Sense under 2.1. I'm using a Freedom Pro BT keyboard with Freedom Input's own drivers & it finally works, now I have WIP installed. I couldn't get it to connect under 1.5, using HID or SPP BT profiles. I'll be trying it without Sense soon too, as I prefer the customisability of the alternative home screens. It ought to be fine without Sense, though even if there are problems due to HTC, once the gsm Hero source is out, some devs will fix BT in the Vanilla ROMs derived from HTC's stock ROM.
  18. I got the email about an updated Swype beta version just the day before I installed r4b3 WIP, so one of my first installs after flashing was the new Swype beta installer followed by the new Swype beta. No problems with it so far. Were you trying to restore a backup of the older version, or maybe freshly installing the old version?
  19. Thanks for the info; shame there isn't a shell config for adb over usb. Have you tried puttycyg? The only possible downside is you need to have cygwin installed. It gives other benefits such as resizable terminal, command completion & history, as well as handling control codes for colour.
  20. Or one could install Ansicon. BTW Thanks for the .profile location; been looking for that for ages. Is it 2.1 specific?
  21. I think it's in the same place, assuming you're comparing 3.2 to r4 build 3 WIP: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Stay awake.
  22. I did wonder how much they would differ in practice. Thanks for the heads up :)
  23. zorm

    Hero (G2) Unlocking

    50usd & 5-10 working days, for a Hero locked to Orange in the UK? There's nothing cheap about that.
  24. That's not just the kernel. See the ReadMe. You can't flash just the kernel from recovery. You have to flash the whole boot partition. This contains the kernel & initramfs, packed together. AIUI it is possible to flash just the kernel via fastboot. Failing that, you really need to unpack your existing ROM's boot.img & then repack a boot.img using your ROM's initramfs from that along with your replacement kernel. There are a couple of simple perl scripts kicking about to do the unpacking/packing, so it's not a complicated procedure, though you obviously need perl installed on your machine.
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