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  1. Take the new Developer Economics 10-minute survey and win cool prizes! http://www.vmob.me/DE3Q14Forums. VisionMobile has launched a new app developer survey and is looking into opportunities and challenges in the app market. The results of the survey will be available as a free research report in July, while respondents can win great prizes, including an iPhone 5s, a Galaxy S5, a Sphero, a Lego Mindstorm robot, a Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Ki, a Das Keyboard - and more! What's your take on the latest trends in app development? Which platform(s) should a developer choose to make money in today's competitive market? Which is the right revenue model for your apps? Are you using any dev tools? Take the developer survey and have your say on the top app developer issues - contribute to the research and find out how your opinion stacks against other developers. http://www.vmob.me/DE3Q14Forums
  2. Hi everyone. Does anybody know what the most downloaded apps are? I was reading that the Facebook app is one of them but do you know of any others? Thanks
  3. Don't miss the new mobile developer research just out. Developer Economics 2010 is a global research, tracking the developer experience from app design to market delivery, across 400+ developers and all 8 major mobile platforms. The report, available for free download, examines: Best & worst platform aspects, app stores & time-to-market, network operators, APIs, use and main challenges of open source & more!
  4. The biggest Mobile Developer Survey to date, sponsored by O2 Litmus, closes at the end of today. This is the last chance to join in and claim great prizes, including a Nexus One, an HTC Touch 2 and 750 Euros in Amazon Vouchers. All participants receive a free copy of the results. So, join in now and help set the standards for mobile development.
  5. VisionMobile invites you to join in the biggest Mobile Platform Survey to date, sponsored by O2 Litmus. Have your say on the future of mobile app development and see what everyone else in the community is saying. Plus, enter a draw to win prizes, including: • 1 Nexus One smartphone • 1 HTC Touch 2 • 2 massive Amazon vouchers (500 and 250 Euros) Register now on www.visionmobile.com/developers. Survey closes end of March and results become publicly available in Q2. Participants will receive summarised copy of the results.
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