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  1. i have this problem...how to fix it? the background is white...the letter not view
  2. i use jj1 phone part and cputuner...but when you use,for a short time, wifi or 3g data or camera the fast battery drain problem is not resolve
  3. hi voyteckst! great news....and problem of fast battery drain? thk and good work
  4. 06/18/11: Yesterday 20:47 Changeset [158] by phj RTC difference handing, alarms the works resumed :) thx devs
  5. i flash phone_i8000xxil2.bin but in samsung setting/system/version/device the phone version remained jf1 (the version that I had before). have the same problem?
  6. someone to make skype work? I installed it but it closes and restarts thx
  7. not work! return error "internal flash not mount mmcblk0p5" i have create 2 primary partition in my storage, one in fat32 and one in ext4. why not work your sd.cpio.gz?
  8. with "for windows" pack, android is installed on ext2! why do not enable ext4? thx
  9. what problems there are with openGL? is a large increase in graphics performance! and to work Android 2.3 need OpenGL :mellow:
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