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  1. themorra


    I use mostly to switch to silent mode from 23:00 to 7:00 on my loyal nexus one
  2. So far Hotspot and Video camera not working FM Radio is not finding stations
  3. When I zoom out on the main screen, I can't re-arrange the panels
  4. Hi Paul and gang! Just a noob question... what happens when Google finally releases Android 2.2 codenamed "Froyo", will this update be added to this ROM?, it will most likely be released this month.. Thanks bro! Source:http://www.redmondpie.com/android-2.2-for-nexus-one-9140688/
  5. AD Free gets you access to Kitchen only
  6. Are you serious?... a little too demanding I think
  7. Total noob question here.... whats RC?
  8. I love the HTC Sense live wallpaper! it makes the rom feel that much more complete! Navigator was a great surprise and a very welcome one!! I absolutely love it!, now if only Footprints would work for me, I know its been mentioned before, but could not find any answer addressing it.. of course its no a big deal at all, everything comes to those who wait :) Love your work Paul... can't get enough.
  9. Anxious aren't we?, Next alpha or beta will be ready when it is ready and Paul will post change log accordingly. Be patient... it is an alpha after all.
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