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  1. EDIT: Now FIXED using the r13 version of VISIONary+ linked in the G2 forum which ignores the "already rooted" check in temproot. I was able to temproot, attempt to unroot (which worked fine and rebooted the phone as expected), temproot again, and then permroot which now works perfectly. One difference this time around is that I turned Fastboot off in settings - would that have made a difference? Otherwise it's all working now - excellent work Paul! :rolleyes: I'm still stuck with this problem. Even if I Factory Reset the phone through the boot menu (power + vol-down) I still don't have permroot and Visionary won't temproot, informing me that the phone is already rooted. The only thing I can think of is that I did not do temproot first prior to doing "Try Permroot". I initially ran VISIONary+ on the phone without any other modification attempts being made, and temproot was working fine in the previous version. What can I do to investigate this problem further? is there a way I can get the phone to true factory settings (seeing as Factory Reset won't do that now!) so I can do the process again, or steps I can take to revert the permroot attempt by VISIONary+? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  2. I just tried the r12 version of VISIONary+ and now I have a problem. I tried the permroot option which seemed to go through the motions and triggered a reboot (as expected). However, I don't have permroot, the temproot option tells me I'm already rooted, and the unroot option does nothing. Is there any way I can fix this without doing a factory reset?
  3. H4XTBH

    Angry Birds Out Now!!

    I don't mind the banner ads in this game, but the full screen video ads (which seem to be solely for the "Social Network" film) are really annoying. :) EDIT: Actually, AdFree gets rid of them completely. I'd forgotten to set it up after the last ROM flash. :-)

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