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  1. I'm currently living in Sydney, an IT geek (a cool one I think!) and I'm currently using a Galaxy Nexus, though I took the day off and my new HTC One X arrived and is sitting at work waiting for me.. What luck! :(
  2. Awesome stuff Paul! Did you notice many changes in the leaked version compared to the official release?
  3. Hi Paul - It's a feature in some other ROMs. If you hold down the back button within an app (or even the launcher), it will kill the app after around 2 seconds or so. Extremely useful when an app stops responding! Thanks! Ben
  4. Hey Paul! Firstly, thanks so much for the great work! we DO appreciate it! :) Now onto business, sorry to be one of the guys who only asks you to do things, but can you implement a 'Hold back button to kill' feature? I've always thought that this was the only thing missing from your ROM's. Thanks mate! :)
  5. Post Froyo, task killers are unnecessary and may actually contribute to higher battery usage in Android (please correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I've been led to believe). Is there a reason in particular why you have one running?
  6. Did you bake in a battery percentage mod as well? This overrides the menu type selection.
  7. Is anyone else experiencing extremely slow USB transfers using both MTP and PTP (WIndows 7 Pro x64)? I don't get this with any other ROM.. :(
  8. lampux, you're an idiot. go and crawl back under whichever rock you came from..
  9. No.. 2.03 is the HTC ROM version whereas 1.6, 2.1 or 2.2 is the android platform version. HTC ROMs are based of different android platform versions, the numbers they chose a just numbers, 2.03 means that it's version 2.03 of HTC's legend rom, similar to how FRF72 is the latest N1 ROM running android 2.2.
  10. 100% what I was about to say ;) The BES needs to connect to another messaging system..
  11. I got a legend recently for my little brother so I'd like to root it for him and play around with it as well. P.S You guys should've got a N1, that's where the party is at ;)
  12. I've never heard of that build either.. your's must be special! Is it already rooted and unlocked?
  13. Paul is allowed to have a life too, you know :)
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