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  1. All contacts combined (235 :S). The only issue I have with filtering is that i have to do it every time i open Contacts. I realised I normally group my work contacts by company rather than by name which basically does the same. As long as my work contacts have a company name they're kept seperate. Thanks for the input everyone!
  2. Hey all! I've just had my SPV M5000 through from Orange (free! yay!). My previous set up was a s follows: Personal Phone - Nokia 6680 Work Phone - SPV M1000 I have 2 sets of contacts, work ones and personal ones. What I have been able to do until now is use the normal conatcts folder in Outlook for my work contacts - tht sync's straight to the M1000. For my personal contacts I added a new contacts folder in Outlook and changed the Nokia PC Suite software to sync with that folder instead of the default. This worked great! I could have seperate contacts but the same sync'd calendar for both phones. Now, I plan to use the M1000 as my work phone and the M5000 as my personal phone. I've looked all through Activesync but can't find a way to change from the default contacts folder. Does anyone know if it can be done? I'd rather keep them seperate since between them there's over 200 contacts. If not then I suspect I'll have to combine them and just find some way to filter it. Thanks for looking! any help is REALLY appreciated! Dylan
  3. Ok, so here's what's happened: I messed up my machine :) I re-built it and along the way visited the Nokia website and downloaded the very latest version of Nokia PC Suite. I have a Nokia 6680 and when I first had it there were several issues with the version of PC Suite that was boxed with it but downloading the newest worked fine for me. Now, when I connect with bluetooth, everything is fine with just one exception. I can't connect to the internet. I don't know why. I've tried lots of things to get it working but just can't. Now before this wasn't an issue because it worked perfectly as a modem when i used it with the USB cable that came in the box. Since the re-build of my PC whenever I connect the cable it says: found new hardware and then asks to connect to Windows update. Whether I say yes or no it doesn't find any drivers and wo'nt see the phone via the cable. In a nutshell this means I can't use it as a 3G modem which is quite important to me. Does anyone have any ideas? Dylan
  4. DylJones

    Nokia 6680

    I've done some searching on this and the only real way to get rid of it is to flash the firmware. My local Nokia Service Centre told me this morning they don't do it right now..... Also, I found that software - hskiller.sis. It doesn't work on my 6680 :)
  5. I have a thought that may help although it sort of depends on whether the other guy involved has an Orange phone account. I use PC Messenger from Orange. It's a plug-in for Outlook which allows you to send and recieve texts via your PC. When you send a text you can specify whether it comes from your number (so replies go to the phone) or from your 'PC's number' which is a newly generated number for your account. This one means replies come into your e-mail inbox. The software is free to download but you need to call Orange to set up an account. Once it's set up, any texts you send are added to your account just like if you sent it from your phone. This has been a great tool for me since there's no signal in my office :) The full details are here: Orange - PC Messenger
  6. Excuse me for possibly sounding stupid......but....... Is it not possible to flash with new firmware yourself? I only as because I've done it with my SPV M1000 (although that's a windows device, I know). Similar principle? Or do the Nokias need specific hardware/software/cable for it to be done?
  7. Awww! I hope it gets back to normal soon. It's a truly beautiful place. I used the screenshot capture button on dotPocket to take it. That Media Player plugin looks nice. Need a bigger homescreen! Lol
  8. I've got no idea on differences but I use the Activesync backup myself. I back up roughly once every 2 days. This may seem paranoid but My phone has been hard reset 8 times in the last 4 months for various reasons and I've lost tons of data so I'm not taking ANY chances. An activesync backup restores my M1000 to exactly how it was at time of backup (including ALL programs, settings, data, etc). I have no idea what the others do but this does me nicely! :lol:
  9. Haven't seen this asked above so.... Anyone know the res of the cameras??? I think this has been the most disappointing thing for MDA's in the last few versions. All major phone manufacturers have popped up to 1 - 1.3 megapixel (Sony, Nokia, Moto...) so why not HTC? I REALLY hope that at least ONE of the two cams built in is megapixel...
  10. Is it possible to load WM2003SE onto my M1000? Surely it's just loading a new ROM? If so, where can I get it from? Thanks!
  11. This is mine. SPB Pocket Plus for shortcuts, etc. And yes, I did take that picture myself. Paradise Island in the Maldives. Hope it's still like that :)
  12. Just a thought on this..... When I got my M1000 from Orange I had the wrong ROM loaded (technically it was the Business User ROM which didn't hahve the MMS software). I d/l'd the correct ROM from Orange and everything was fine. This makes me think: If someone has an O2 XDA2 and wants to use an Orange SIM, can't you just load the Orange ROM onto it (seeing as it's the same hardware)? Cos then you'd have all the settings set up for you already. Just a thought....
  13. Great! :) Does anyone know how that file got attached to my last post?!?
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