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  1. This is absolutely affecting your battery life whether you want to believe it or not.
  2. Local info. I listen to two local talk stations everyday. I agree it would be silly to listen to radio for music, but there are more than just music stations out there.
  3. Get the Nexus. Once the Desire kernel is released, there should be almost no difference between the ROMs on both devices
  4. Did you bake your ROM with Facebook but without Friendstream? I've determined the sync will hang when Facebook can't find Friendstream.
  5. FWIW, I've had several slowdowns with A17 that I didn't have with prior versions, but no Nemo Player here.
  6. I ran into this issue last night on Alpha 17. It seems to happen only between midnight and 1am, so maybe it has something to do with daylight saving time? I tried changing my settings from network-provided to GMT-4 eastern time, but it happened just the same.
  7. You see roughly 10 dumb questions and think it's everyone, but the Kitchen has generated 531 builds. There are also untold others who have downloaded the prebaked version. So, is 10 people out of say 1,000 enough cause for your rant? Personally, I get tired of people complaining about this mythical societal stupidity. It's really not that bad, you're just frustrated by the fact that the bottom 1% now have computers as a conduit to bug us.
  8. One thing I really like about this update is that the Desire messaging app is using a more appropriate font size now. I was really annoyed by the gigantic text on past ROMs. Edit - and contact pictures show up in the all threads view now.. it's a nice touch.
  9. Awesome :) It drove me nuts too. Paul, you might want to mention in the Kitchen that Friendstream must be included for proper Facebook functionality. Thanks for the great ROM as always.
  10. I'm not sure one exists, but if it does that would be fantastic.
  11. Please do. That would narrow down the problem to removing Friendstream. I wasn't sure if Android contacts was causing an issue and didn't bother rebaking different ROMs to find out.
  12. You can download anything with the browser, or at least I've never had any problems. Superuser File Browser (needs root) is my favorite file management app but there are a ton of others. As for streaming TV, there's the TV.com app and UStream Viewer (hit or miss). Some flash feeds will work as well, but I haven't searched very hard. Bottom line for me - in nearly a year of Android dabbling, I've concluded there's virtually nothing it can't do. Whatever issue you run into has already been remedied or is being worked on by a smart developer and all of the information you need is in forums like this and xda.
  13. Same thing happened to me several pages back. Two questions: 1 - did you include Friendstream in your bake? 2 - did you include stock Android contacts? I found that including Friendstream and not including stock Android contacts fixed the sync problem.
  14. My guess would be using background data in a poor coverage zone then.
  15. PP, What's your Up time vs. Wake time? (found in Settings > About Phone > Battery) If your phone isn't sleeping, that will definitely drain the battery. Currently my wake time is about 20% of my up time. When I had those Facebook sync issues, my wake time was 100% of my up time.
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