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  1. Yes, most of the cook rom video call is disabled, I've tried many rom like p_dhee, ock, etc. Only I found that the anzo newest rom are able to make the video call, but still gettin' bugs on video call, the speakerphone does not function when answer an incoming video call.
  2. Same like you, I've tested plenty of WM6.5 ROM, and I found that most of the ROM have some bugs on video call function. On the dailing option, the video call is gray out, antoher ROM are speakerphone malfunction during the video call. Does it yours have these problems?
  3. Hi everyone, Is there way to automatic turn on the loud speaker with answer an incoming video call? (Loud speaker is turned off by default if answering an incoming video call) Because when I press the "turn on speaker" option during the video call, it does not function. I'm using WM6.5 23529 Thanks.
  4. The 28227_Clean is really nice! But Anzo, seems like I cannot make video call, the video call option has been disabled.
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