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  1. This thread is over 18 months old and the author hasn't signed in since 14th March 2007.
  2. http://www.visualgps.net/VisualGPSce/default.htm ??
  3. Thanks for the reply, I had tried standard ringtones and some of my files on the phone memory and memory card. Anyway, I've fixed it. The external volume left hand slider seems to control all notifications and speaker volume. The right hand incall volume slider seems to control incall volume and incoming call ringtone. Strange.
  4. I have a MDA Touch from T-Mobile. About a week ago, I noticed it no longer rings on incoming calls. I haven't changed any settings. All other notifications are fine, new email, sms, reminders etc. Under the notification settings I have ring and vibrate on incoming call. I have noticed when I press preview the phone does ring but it's alot quieter compared to all the other notifications. When someone rings me, all the phone does is vibrate. If I change the setting to ring only, the phone doesn't do anything apart from the visual. A google search found one person with the same problem, someone suggested removing any file associations to any ring tone files, mp3, wma etc. This hasn't helped me. Anyone have a similar problem or suggestions before I reluctantly hard reset it? Thanks. edit: the volume is definitely turned up.
  5. Thanks for the answers guys. I went out and bought it anyway. It connects nicely to the network.
  6. Hi, Before I defect from Orange and buy a Touch 256 from T-Mobile tomorrow, I'd like to know what type of WiFi security the touch is capable of. At home I have a wireless AP with WPA2-PSK security and SSID broadcast disabled. Will the touch handle this as I'm not prepared to reduce my AP to the joke that is WEP. I can't find any information on the internet regarding this. Cheers.
  7. and the jiffy back to send it back arrives tomorrow. :rolleyes: Haven't posted for about two years now after being quite active on these forums. Have still used smartphones for the duration though, SPV, E200, C550, C600. I'm a firm believer in once you get a smartphone, it's very hard to go back. e650, what a pile of rubbish. I feel more of a beta tester with this phone than the original spv! Numerous bugs, branded head to foot in horrible, indistinguishable icons, no messenger, new laughable data plans. £15 excess on faulty phones, charged for dialling 0800 numbers, 24 hours CS gone ..... the only good thing I can think of is, I've found out that the local real radio station has unsecured wifi. Ohh, I feel alot better after that little rant! Any reccomendations for a new smartphone with a talkplan which would suit approx 200mins / 200 text / month with a reasonable data plan (open - no silly walled portals and prefeably, no objections to protocol (http, IM, skype etc.)
  8. Have you tried app unlocking the phone then deleting them from a PC explorer window, via ActiveSync. From memory, this worked on earlier phones.
  9. I haven't tried it yet as it hasn't hapend again yet. I will try if it does it again. Thanks.
  10. I haven't been around these forums for ages, but I think there's a regtweak (in .cab format) on www.customcabbage.co.uk for looping the alarm.
  11. As part of Opera's 10 year anniversary, they are giving away free registration codes for one day only (according to a friend). I use FF but I know people like Opera and free things. Can't comment if the Smartphone version is going free. http://my.opera.com/community/party/reg.dml
  12. Hi Confucious, I'm using ActiveSync 3.8, which I thought was the latest version (that's the version M$ give me when I visit their site to download). I wasn't aware of a version 4 for ActiveSync. PC OS is XP Pro SP2, fully updated. There's no error messages on the PC, it just sticks on connecting ..... phone says "ERROR: Cannot connect to PC due to unexpected error in Winsock services. Please try again. If the problem persists, reset your device". I've had a e200 synced to the same PC for about a year with no such errors ever. It did it again last night, but I discovered instead of hard resetting phone you could remove activesync, reboot pc, reboot phone, reinstall activesync, sync. Slightly better than hard resetting the phone but you still lose CallerID picture associations and custom ringtones.
  13. About 50% of the time when I copy files (mp3s) to the SD card via Activesync, the connection will drop out. I disconnect the phone then reconnect. ActiveSync will then stick on Connecting... while the phone will say "ERROR: Cannot connect to PC due to unexpected error in Winsock services. Please try again. If the problem persists, reset your device". Numerous reconnects does not fix the problem. Have to hard reset to fix. Anybody got a solution, it's really getting on my nerves having to hard reset every time I want to copy a few mp3s over. Latest version of ActiveSync. Whatever ROM ships with c550. Thanks.
  14. Why? How do I get involved? Isn't this a DoS? Some history - http://www.aa419.org/vampire/results.php Hope to see you there :lol:
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