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  1. Update: I have made some progress thanks to Marinierb over here: xxxx://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=748498&page=3 Basically use unrevoked but use the FILE tab to point it at Clockwork recovery that supports SLCD... xxxx://crop.floodbit.org/~defer/reco...bravo-slcd.img bingo now have recovery working woohoo, just doing a nandroid backup now.
  2. Hmmm, I have been struggling to unbrand and root my new Desire which came with HBOOT 0.83 and ROM 1.24. Unrevoked3 does seem to give root access, but Im not convinced it is indeed root proper. The reason for this is that having played with ROM manager a bit I found the option 'Fix Permissions'. When I try to run that it gives me the message 'An error occured while attempting to run privileged commands', even though I have Superuser Permissions installed and ROM manager defined in there with access. On the other hand Titanium backup and autokiller seem to run fine! ROM manager also tells me that I have the clockwordmod installed I have just tried to follow rhedgehog's guide above but I get the same thing each time, unrevoked says it has completed and the phone reboots into recovery but all I get is a black screen. Interestingly a 'adb devices' while in the black screen shows the device is still on and connected, but the screen remains black, and all I can do is pull the battery and reboot. Also tried pointing unrevoked at Amon Ra R5 but get exactly the same thing. Correct me if I am wrong but if I cant get into recovery then I cant install a new ROM.
  3. Hi all, on the topic of battery life I have the folllowing observations. Firstly at MCR3.2 with data on all day the battery would last 1- 1.5 days. With MCR 4.0 and the data connection on it lasts less than 1 day, sometimes as little as 0.5. I did a bit of an experiment yesterday and turned off the data connection instead relying on the wifi (I was in a hotspot) and by the end of the day I had used less than half the battery! Now I hadn't used the phone perhaps as much as I would normally, but even so I find this quite remarkable. Just thought I would share :)
  4. I believe this is referring to the fact you can pinch the home screen (or any screen for that matter) and it zooms out so you can see all 7 screens and select the one you want. Nice :)
  5. I like many others have had a bootloop after a wipe and install of MCR4 + A2SD. Interestingly when it was up and I got the SD card in it an 'ls -l' showed a load of dubious info that shouldnt be there. I revert to my old MCR3.2 and it looks good again, Im thinking I will need to try to format and re-setup my SD card.
  6. This is a fantastic app, its like a turbo for my Hero. I have one suggestion, it would be good to have a setting which you can define then save as an available preset. Also I am intrigued how these settings are preserved after reboot. Are you adding an 'echo' to an existing file?
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