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  1. Forget about all the hypes about iPhone! I absolutely love my Diamond. :D
  2. Anyone know how to configure K800i's My Friends under Messaging to login MSN Messenger?
  3. Missed my Mpx200 when I switched to V3 in July.... now I'm back with MPx220 and I'm loving it ;)
  4. Hey, it works. Thanks a lot. Din relised tat it works the same way as MPx200 using wav instead of mp3 format. 8)
  5. you mean by using RJVregtweaks, i can set custom tones to my alarm and text msg instead of using factory tones? Cos now i can only select custom tones under ring tone only. 'm not even able to attach a custom tone to my contact :?: Mi just got this phone yesterday... appreciate your help. Thanks ;)
  6. i'm able to assign my custom mp3 file as ringtone... but dun seems to be able to do tat for others sound assignment like alarm, text msg alert, etc.... I thought it was suppose to work like mpx200? ;) Can someone help?
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