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  1. For the record, I had to wipe before the the MCR I baked worked. And it took less than 10 minutes to boot when it worked. I'm glad to hear your problems are cleared up, too.
  2. Paul mentioned that a wipe is not required on the first post of this thread. I recall installing an MCR over the stock ROM on one of my older Nexus phones, as well. The ROM is installed at your own risk. The ROM should be installed using ClockworkMod. A wipe is not required. BACK UP YOUR DEVICE BEFORE INSTALLATION!
  3. How long is the initial boot expected to take? I am installing the first custom MCR this Galaxy Nexus has tasted and it's closing in on 20 minutes. It is stuck on the colourful boot animation. Update: I popped the battery after 40 minutes, powered it back on and it's stuck in the animation again. Will try installing the baked ROM again before going back (hopefully) to my backup stock ROM. Update2: The second install resulted in the same issue. I am attempting a restoration via Clockwork Recovery. Update3: The restoration was a complete success. Back to stock. Is there a common cause for my issue? Is there set of options from the kitchen that don't play well together? Should I just re-bake and try again?
  4. This is a great build - very stable. Thanks again, Paul. I am experiencing one odd issue, however. When I am on Wifi and do random data-related things (update an app from the Market, sometimes when using the browser), my data icon (2G/Edge, in my case) will pop up and start sending/receiving data. It will usually stay on until my download is complete but it doesn't necessarily perform the data-activity. I updated from r10 without a wipe.
  5. Doesn't look like it. I'm not sure what wallpapers that would include but I don't see anything beyond the standard Nexus One LWPs (with he CM modification).
  6. I flashed the "cheap bastards" CM 6 (non-nightly) build and it worked perfectly. Thanks again, Paul. In case anyone is wondering, I included everything that was already checked except for Amazon MP3. The install went very smoothly and have had no problems since.
  7. Try: adb shell su chmod 666 /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf Or in a terminal on the phone: su chmod 666 /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
  8. I have a similar issue after every time I reboot my phone. Looking at the log, I noticed it said it did not have permissions to access particular file. So, after rebooting I will either adb or open a terminal and run the following command (in su): chmod 666 /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf I think I broke it myself when I tried to allow for ad-hoc wireless connections and there's probably an easier/long-term way of fixing it but for now that works for me. Hope this helps.
  9. Flashed "r20 with default MoDaCo additions" without issues (other than having to pop the battery due to an initial infinite-boot). Thanks for your hard work, Paul.
  10. I've had some issues with Wifi recently. After rebooting, I get "Error" under my Wifi status. To fix it, I have to ADB shell into the phone and "chmod 666 /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf". You could use a terminal to do that, as well - just make sure you "su" first. Not sure if that will work for you but it surely works for me. Note: I am on Froyo, not your stock, superuser build.
  11. I've noticed that turning off the Pattern-unlock via the Location & Security Settings main screen results in some buggy unlock behaviour. Going in through "Change screen lock" and turning it off from there works just fine. It's also made the screen-lock widget I use quite useless. Despite all this minor bugs, I am definitely not going to downgrade while waiting for the official release!
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