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  1. I have already done the implementation for us here https://github.com/niadam/android_device_notionink_adam_common/commit/fbb9f8e8bb41801728ee0b42d7007a05248c858c Actually currently I am using modified version of latest ejtangle, since I like some of the improvements he has ;)
  2. I have fixed it already. You can check last commit at https://github.com/n...on/tree/jb-aosp Btw do you have mic workin?
  3. Actually I have done some experiments remounting after boot and actually different users has folders in /data/media/ and pictures and other media are stored on data partition and in my case I have internal sd and external sd :) So my setup should be little different.
  4. I am trying to fix this on Adam tablet for a whole week and still no success. Problem is that once sdcard daemon is trying to create the /mnt/shell/emulated/0 which is in rootfs / is mounted as ro already. @eduardo do you have an advice where sdcard should be started or how to leave rootfs mounted as rw, since later during creation of new user its creating a new dir?
  5. parvata, Have you git repo with the JB device tree. Maybe I can help. I have successfully ported sources for ICS to JB for another device. BR, Borkata
  6. I have updated to your latest audio_hw for our Adam tablet and mic pause problem still occurs, so its probably not the android lib not down-sampling, but kernel drivers related. Also recording + playback is ok. Problem occurs when only recording is active.
  7. You must specify architecture: make ARCH=arm acer-q8k-a1-dvt_defconfig then when compiling do make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=<path to your cross compiler>
  8. You can ask DerArtem or even look at his device tree https://github.com/DerArtem/android_device_toshiba_betelgeuse since we talked about how to enable 3G for Folio using huaweigeneric-ril.
  9. In our previous kernels interface for 3G was usb0, but now we have usb0 and it chooses wwan0 for interface name. About the new ril lib we using the difference from the old one made for GB and HC is that there is implementation for GW and DNS handling. To make 3G working I need also to make proper permissions to the serials of the modem (other way is to give correct permissions to rild).
  10. Its seems for me a kernel option is not checked. It complains about USB modem.
  11. This is because you need a flag changed in boot.img
  12. gnufabio, you have to compile kernel with vmsplit 2g/2g so it work on LCR or t&l. If you compile kernel with split 3G it will work only on cm or aosp or any port from other device.
  13. I am with CM7 and SPB Shell and it is ok for me.
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