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  1. Hi! Using Yonn HS++ V2.01 ROM 9 June 2011, how can I get the alarm time to be shown on home page next to the bell (to the left side pf bell) when alarm activated? Also how do I delete an Internet connection? Does not show on \settings\Connections\\Connections\"Manage existing connections"? But it is shown on Dial-up En-Dis Regards
  2. Hi! Using HS++ V2.01 ROM 9 June 2011, does anybody know/can tip about a good Facebook app. Using Microsoft v1.1.026 but i seems to not update news feed and status correctly. Anybody else have that problem? Regards
  3. Hi Steff! Have a question, hope u can help me. Not many chefs left for SGH-I900. The 10% battery driver and the pictures for the battery indicator on notification bar, where can i find the pictures and ad new pics? Have 1% battery driver but pics are only 10% so sometimes it shows a bit strange. Thanks in advance! With regards
  4. Hi! Using HS++ v2.01 2MBCache XPR 8PP and wondering about 3G, anybody using this. Is it automatically 3G? Have HSDPA enable but on the notification bar, the icon left of the network signal has an E, must be sign for EDGE shouldn't this change to 3G if it uses that 3G? Is this a settings thing?
  5. Hi! Have a rom with 1%-driver for battery but the battery pics are not made for this so therefore phone indicates left battery strange sometimes. Where can i find the pics? Can i just create new one in same folder? Also link to 10% driver, to change from 1% to 10%? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! Installed Nitrogen v1.1 on Yonn HS++ v2.01 rom but when used Nitrogen when it was preinstalled in roms from other chefs there was a very useful option in settings that Nitrogen can change system volume. This option doesn't exits in the Nitrogen v1.1 I installed, is there a newer version of Nitrogen? Where can i find it? Can someone post a link? Thanks in advance!
  7. Using HS++ v2.01 2MBCache XPR 8PP and wondering about the battery indication pictures, the orange ones, Which folder can i find the pictures on phone? According to Yonn there are pics missing therefore battery indicator behaving strange. Is it just to create new pics?
  8. Hi Yonn! Using HS++ v2.01 2MBCache XPR 8PP and wondering about the battery indication pictures, the orange ones, have you done 1% driver pictures? It's quite annoying when percentage jumps up and done i 5% steps, sometimes hard to know how much battery i have. Or have someone else done them? Which folder can i find the pictures on phone? With regards
  9. Hi! Ahhh nice with the hold on blue tab :-), for me I'm almost always in tmail when sms/mms would be nice for me B) Aha ok, so i have to change the entire orange taskbar, to bad like it. I'll stick to how it is now until someone does a cab with 1% images for the orange taskbar :-). Another question, can't assign a button to <Home> under "/setting/personal/buttons". Nothing happens, due to HS++? Thx
  10. Hi Yonn! Still using the HS++ 2,01 rom an like i a lot now that i can use RaceChrono B). Wondering about the sms tab, in the sms tab there are to "tabs" to the right one for new sms and one for replying to shown sms sender. It would be nice if there was a third tab to sms/mms inbox (tmail,exe?). Something to think of if there would be a updated version. Have one strange issues, have emptied the phone battery a couple of times for new "programming". But one the battery is fully charged and it is shown 100% when i take the power charging cord of wall socket in the phone is run on battery it directly drops to 80% and then directly goes up to 100% in steps of 5%. really strange :) . It's an after market higher mAh battery bought recently. Great job with the rom! With Regards /PJ
  11. Hi again Yonn! Here are some quotes and my reply under "- Omnialite calender already included - you mean to activate it from calendar tab? anyway this "calendar tab" is just a placeholder for plugins "I used Today Agenda" - you can you any plugin you want .. I'll see if I can configure TodayAgenda to open tcalender instead "looks possible"" Yepp ment the "calender tab" "- RaceChrono might be incompatible with SIPHook.. Try this: open and hold windows logo "this will open Advanced task manager" open Services and stop the service "SipHook Service" and test your application "without restarting Omnia"..." Tried it didn't help. BUT did now see that there was a release with a fix for RaceChrono for some windows version for this problem so the problem was not you're rom :-). "- XDA_UC always runs for me .. Did you really copied XDA_UC folder to "My storage" BEFORE flashing?" Yes, but i copied the folders. Was i supposed to just copy the .cab files directly under XDA_UC folder? Also in the error log there was an PIMBackup error several times?!? "- For SMS check my previous posts.." If it the E-mail name/client setup up i've tried it. It worked fine, can se all my sms but when receiving a new sms the "sms tab" does not automatically update so the new sms i shown, have to press left arrow. For example if I have 35 sms in the "sms tab", get three new it still shows 35 sms in "sms tab" and old is shown, if i press left arrow it updates to 38 sms and the newest is shown first. "- Sure? I just tested Route66 v9.1.8963 and seems to work!!" Using v8.0.8703(25352), what happens with an external bluetooth gps is connected in GPS-information a see on the line Number of satellites = 9, but the circle or the stapel diagram have none. I type in a navigation place, it calcultes but the large blue field the road name, speed, time left, km left etc is all empty. But it works fine when i use the internal GPS in the Omnia. The rom is really great, hope my issues are solvable. Tested a lot of roms here (Ock's has been favorite) and this/your's is getting to be a favorite. the more a use it. With regards /PJ
  12. Hi again Yonn! Using the "Yonn_i900_HS_v2.01_21690_2MBCache_XPR_8PP" rom and like it but it seems that the my phone and some software don't like the "21690" (se the post before this one, now also Samsung Route66 with bluetooth GPS dosn't work). Is it possible for you to make "Yonn_i900_HS_v2.01_21690_2MBCache_XPR_8PP" but with "29020"? I'm also guessing that it is the rom version and not HS++. With regards /PJ
  13. Hi Yonn! Total Edit's 3 Just flasehed you're latest rom "Yonn_i900_HS_v2.01_21690_2MBCache_XPR_8PP" and had these questions: Edit nr 2= Had one big problem with one software that i use a lot, RaceChrono, can't get up the keyboard to type in the software. How can i solve this issues, tried a lot of custom roms here and never had that problem. Is it solvable? XDA_UC did not work on first boot. Can i have multiple cities in Accuweather, without have to change to a set favorite? Thinking like M2D weather tab. Xtra data for GPS, how do i know if it's downloaded? Is it possible to use the Enhanced GPS for newer releases like Ock's 29005 for Enhanced GPS? Calender same as Enhanced GPS, is it possible to use a calender from newer release, the calender in this i did not like. Edit nr = 1: Was thinking about the calender started at the programtab and calender left of Adobe Reader. This can not be connected to the calender tab nest to contacts? Why use the old 21690 and not newer like 29020? Edit nr = 3, when receiving new sms the sms is not shown first ion sms tab. Have to press left arrow then it appears. Looking forward to testing the rom closer, looks very nice :-) Great work! With regards /PJ
  14. Lol didn't understand that is was related to the rom's :) Meaning i don't care about space but want a fast rom, XPR is the one for me :P
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