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  1. Now the system can not function properly brush machine?
  2. Footprint are not so big? Not WVGA version?
  3. zwymc

    Sony X1 or htc touch pro

    I used to buy a X1 and Touch Pro, also tried to compare, but the Touch Pro's screen is too small, the resolution is not high, and relatively thick.
  4. zwymc

    X1 with Tom Tom?

    Nothing is impossible, the world is changing.
  5. zwymc

    Buy X1 now or wait for X2?

    Why X2 is no X1 X-keys do, and if so, I think I selected X2.
  6. zwymc

    dictionary, themes & games...

    xda have what you need.
  7. The software seems to X1 does not have the ROM, and what I needed.

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