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    Nexus 4 16GB wanted
  1. Installed as a second option after posting here. But thanks. By the way, Is SuperSlim inferior to the AtomicMod? Or are they about equal?
  2. Unable to download :mellow: SolidFiles saying "We should be back shortly" all morning. Maybe there's a mirror?
  3. kaiseris

    Sim Unlock Xperia S

    Hi fellow Xperia S owners. Any tips on other online unlockers for this model? Cheapest I found so far was $45. I wish I checked before biding on Xperia...
  4. Also when buying a refurbished phone from 3 what should a person expect? Scratches, brown box, missing accessories, etc.?
  5. I'm thinking about buying one. I guess they are locked to 3. Any ideas how to unlock it for free?

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