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  1. hi Paul , after 1 day testing, i think r8 was more stable than r10 , r10 always lagging , sometime need need to pull out the battery for reboot , so i go back to r8 already , hope it will be solve on r11 ....
  2. paul , after flash r10 , the stock LG clock & weather widge can not update , pls help
  3. r10 LG weather widge not work , pls help !
  4. OH...I will try this...thx gandalf and Paul !!!! ;)
  5. i have dl the r18 froyo rom in the kitchen, but when i flash it,it show... "E:Missing file: system/lib/libmode10Graphics.so help ... /_\"
  6. is this Rom the video can record 720p ? And can u add Chinese HTC IME for me??? Thx a lot^^
  7. I have flashed this rom, It's very good for me,but I send file through bluetooth that the bluetooth device will force close... and how can I have the chinese HTC_CIME in this rom??
  8. Anybody can help me? I flashed. This rom,but i cant use the htc sync..how can i use it?? Thx a lot..^^
  9. i wiped the data then flash to r21, but now my network is not stable..it always no network..before i use a19 is very good, help =(
  10. I have the audio effect's apk from my milestone, and installed in my nexus one... but it haven't any different when i listening songs... btw, i upload this apk now, and i hope it will works in nexus one... :P Audio_effects_1.0.rar
  11. thx so much!! I can pair with my bluetooth now...:P
  12. Thx!! but when will have bluetooth function? because i can't use my bluetooth headset>`´< and also i can't send mms ..thx so much and help~
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