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    Rom for Omnia Lite

    ROM incude basic software in Flash memory = Operation System + applications. Firmware is something like BIOS in Computer. Its something like "comunicator between ROM and hardware".
  2. petr-ape

    Rom for Omnia Lite

    It is firmware (not ROM). If you want to flash the phone, you'll can. Use latest firmware: B7300XXJC2, and flasher + Flash Guide. Version XX include Italian language, but you must flash the telephone without CRC file!!! I think that CRC file is for portuguese (viz http://www.modaco.com/content/b7300-omnia-...28/b7300xxjc2/) ;-)
  3. I would like to see video from front camera on dislay and I would like to record it. Do you know some application (program) for it? I don't know application, which can be set video source. PLS HLP. THX. P.S. Sorry for my English...
  4. petr-ape

    B7300 - Lockscreen Bug

    I have Mobile in Czech language and I don't know English menu. But I try to explain. Start menu - setting - Display ant lighting (2. item) - Hold of display (6. item) - and turn off it.
  5. petr-ape

    Firmware B7300XXJB3

    Sorry. J=2010 ! I corrected it... ;-)
  6. petr-ape

    Firmware B7300XXJB3

    No, you cant. You need find somewhere older version of CSC file for your country and flash firmware with latest B7300XXJB3 files and older CSC file. But I don't know everything about flashing. I recommend you visit http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/. There are information about firmware. There is forum too. If you want know info about version firmware, languages, coutries... you visit: http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/samsunglettercode.htm
  7. petr-ape

    B7300 - Lockscreen Bug

    I have better idea. Download and install free application S2U2 and turn off standard hold in setting. S2U2
  8. petr-ape


    For Keypad - touch longer key "MODE" on keyboard and set it. It's in Manual!
  9. petr-ape

    Firmware B7300XXJB3

    To Pichorka: If you want french language in telephone, you must flash your telephone without CSC file (only Bootloader, LPFlash, Phone files). And in flash tools you have to choose French. To Farzinnn: Yes its newer. b7300xxja9: J=2010, A= January b7300xxjb3: J=2010, B=February Edit: 02.04.2010

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