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  1. Looks Great! I've downloaded it, moved it to my SD card, and attempted to flash it from recovery mode, however, when attempting to do so, I get the "installation aborted" error message. I'm running R21 on my Nexus One.
  2. Hey "Newbie" indieladadam with all of 18 posts . . . . . . . By my count, he has put out well over 22 ROM's . . . for a whopping $15 USD. Even if you got only 1 of the 22+ ROMS, it's a STEAL . . . . . even if he never created a new ROM . . . ever! . . . . . so please, . . . stop complaining, and if you can't stop complaining, . . go somewhere else. You definitely will not get ANY sympathy here, and by posting here, it's not going to cause Paul to do anything different than he already is. Spare me . . . heck, spare all of us.
  3. Here's a great solution for you. If you are talking about the back cover to your nexus one, simply put it on to the best of your ability, and buy an "innocase". . . . it's only about $29. USD, but it will protect your unit. I bought one two weeks after I got my Nexus One, and couldn't be happier with it.
  4. I think you may be alone on this . . . . . I'm not seeing other poster post this issue you are having. Have you done a complete full wipe of everything, (even the SD card), and the pulling of the battery? In the past, when I have had issues that can't be resolved, or when they don't seem to have anything to do with the battery or wiping, I have done so only to find that the solution (many different issues), has been resolved.
  5. Deleted post, as I found the answer on how to "tweet" ;-)
  6. Once rooted, you can not go back to an unrooted phone.
  7. Definitely! BTW, does anyone know of some way to automatically be notified when (and only when), a new update is released from Paul. I'm only referring to a notification the minute r19 is released, or r20, etc.
  8. There are so many posts in here about not knowing if they need to do a wipe or to simply upgrade. If coming FROM Desire, you need to do a full wipe. If coming from Cyanogen, you simply need to upgrade. I also found that RadioTime, (my favorite app), is another one of the apps NOT available in the Market right now, after having updated to 2.2. Perhaps soon. PS. Handcent SMS is now working just fine.
  9. Wow, 175 apps. I thought I was big and bad with my 50 apps!
  10. A "normal person" . . . . . . would do the work for you? . . . . . . ok, here's the link: http://android.modaco.com/index.php?act=Search I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. It just that in this forum, it if you've been following it for a while, you'll notice that everyone asks the same questions over and over again, because they dont' want to take the time to "do the work" themselves and search for the answer. If you've asked a question and it didn't get answered, it's because people are ignoring your question because the answer can almost certainly be found in doing a little bit of homework. If you have searched for the answer, post what you have found, to lend some credibility to your effort in trying to find the answer, . . . . . people are far more willing to help if you can show that you have put forth the effort as opposed to expecting everyone else to do your homework for you. . . . . ironically, even THIS response has been posted multiple times in this forum.
  11. That's because they are tired of answering the same questions. Everything you want to know can be found by doing a simple search. The search field is located at the bottom left of this page.
  12. Amen to that! I have a bit of an issue here that I need some counsel on. I don't listen to music on my phone, so I don't know how, but my speaker blew. It's "fuzzy", and though it will play sound, it won't play sound at full blast, it just stops playing any sound at that point. The bottom line is, I need to send it back to HTC for a replacement. However, it's unlocked, and right now (as of this writing), I have a newer radio image, newer kernal, CyanogemMOB-5.0.6-N1, build number EPE54B all that I baked in the kitchen. How might bring the entire phone back to factory speck, as though I had not unlocked it, so that when it boots up, it needs to not have an unlock image, etc. I don't know that I have the original recovery image, as I have flashed about 15 times since I got it ;-) - SkyDart
  13. I just came across the best little app, to integrate into the MoDaCo ROM. I REALLY like the HTC Desire ROM, however, I personally do NOT like the dialpad it uses. So, I found the app in the market called, "NubDial". It *kind-of* looks like the stock dialer, but not quite. Better than the Desire dialer, however. If there were a way to utilize the stock dialer with the tabbed interface up top, that would be perfect (for me), so if anyone knows how to do that, please let me know. I already tried building r21 in the Kitchen without "HTC Contacts", and that did not do the trick at all.
  14. The kitchen is ridiculously slow right now. Downloading at 18k. Am I alone in this?
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