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  1. (sorry for my approximative English, i'm French) Is anyone having trouble with SD Card ? I explain : I have some problems with mine, with several SD Card, even after wiping the device and formating the SD Cards and apparently only when listening to music. The music is going totaly crazy, switchning alone of tracks and after a small time I can't access to my music (error or music not showing in the music app, tested with several apps). If I unmount the SD card, I can't mount it back. The only way to fix it is to physicaly unmount the SD and put it back in the device. Anyone already had this problem ?
  2. Tried it, now the screen is flickering, phone extremly slow :/
  3. Okay ... well, i'll keep mine 'cause I really like this devices ... untill a higher grade intel phone will released. Still keep a little piece of hope.
  4. I've done it, never tried before so i'm not sure i've done it the good way, it worked BUT the backplate of the phone now have scratches (maybe because of the soft touch materials) ... By the way, I prefer some scratches than an big orange logo
  5. I don't think so ... or maybe it is but all my devices with gorilla glass have scartches ... I don't find the gorilla glass eficient at all. And I take care of my phones, every time I carry it, it's in my pocket, alone, no keys or anything else with it
  6. Got mine since few days, usualy i've go an HTC One S and I don't feel i've got a "cheap" phone with this san diego. Realy good performances,even if it's a plasticky phone, not more than a HTC Desire or anything like that... The screen is realy good, good colours, nice resolution, viewing angles aren't so awesome but it's nice. But the screen is not at all scratch resistant... already 2 big scratches on mine ... By the way, you can easily find screen protector, Skinomi does one and you can find cheaper ones here : http://www.protectionfilms24.fr/recherche.html?searchfield=san+diego
  7. French name is absolutely NOT Santa Clara, as said above, it's "Orange avec Intel Inside"
  8. Hmmm ... not a lot of good news here ... but I still believe in it !
  9. You have to revert back to 3.0.1 but that way you will also need to wipe your data. That is how I've done : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=15
  10. Good news for R25. But on r24 i've got a problem. I was on R24 with no problem, then i switched on MIUI a couple of weeks to try it and now i'm back on R24 (not a back up, new flash with new baked rom), sometimes my device won't wake up. any idea ? Thanks
  11. I've only two small problems : As a lot of people here, tethering don't work, it launches, go back to the configuration menu et still not activated. Second thing, when I plug it on usb it ask what I want to do, I chose for example only charging and it still ask me the same every minutes. And sorry for my bad english.
  12. okay thanks. I already change the fingerpring but It still not works. I think it's because of the market cache but how could delete the cache directory ? I could pull it but I don't know how to erase. Thanks Edit : That works great ! juste have to reboot the device and wait a few minutes !
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