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  1. I Agree, people who think people should be banned, should be banned themselves for entertaining there ignorance,
  2. There is alwayz some type of delay...
  3. Ive noticed also with this ROM a couple pf other issues drivong me crazy, the wifi is wishy washy, it seems not to hold the connection very well, causing me to reboot, then when I try to power bakk on the phone it sometimes doesnt power bakk on unless I take battery out and place bakk in. Also another problem, if my phone is on more then 2 hours, it doesnt or is not able to read or detect my 16 GB SD Card. The screen glitches extremely alot. Flashed and wiped 3 times same issues...please help! Paul, Also if you cam implement 360 degree Orienaltation like CyanogenMOD that would be so great. Also the new N-Wireless Driver. Thanks again.
  4. Still no new release update...hmmm...
  5. Dude who are you to suggest me to banned. I can say what I please. If I feel a sort of type of way I have the right to voice my opinion, idiot.
  6. Itz crazy that until I say something, all of a sudden he emerges out of nowhere...HaHaHa :huh:
  7. If Paul is on XDA answering questions, and he knows we all are in desperate need for a update, 9 times out of 10, there wont be a update. Its been 4 weeks now since we've had an update and its been nearly a month since the HTC Desire has been released. So that should answer your question especially if hes been on XDA.
  8. Try subscribing to Modaco, the membership allows you to Cook your own ROM custom and not have to worry about all that other stuff and/or problems you are dealing with. I just baked my ROM and perfect, no problems whatsoever.
  9. You know what that makes so much sense, I was watching the news yesturday and they said its still rough out there dealing with the Volcanic Eruption and all UK Flights are GROUNDED! Lets just hope this whole fiasco is over with soon... ;)
  10. I havent been on this forum for about three weeks now since I have gotten a HTC HD2 (but I still have my Nexus One and still use it normally) but I came back to this website to check and see if at least a Beta has dropped, and no surprise I see Paul gave up on all you Nexus One users for the Desire ROM Port, sorry to see...Wow...a half way job...Not Surprised...At All... ;)
  11. 1) I am using the same recovery, I chose to rename it update, because thats how I was taught. 2) I cut the zip file from the location of where it is downloaded from and paste to the SD Card
  12. Also to confirm, my network connection, is fine, does not fluctuate and is very stable signal. Carries H Signal with 3 or more bars most places. Rarely goes in EDGE unless in my basement. Im Located in Maryland, United States.
  13. Yeah it kept giving me an error of "Message Not Sent" in A19, R20 Fixed that and R21 follow-up with the camera flash worked, fine also.
  14. I so agree. Lol. Already at war with each other, oh now they wanna say kiss and make-up, please. I agree, a nice April Fools!
  15. I downloaded and SAVED Alpha r21 - MoDaCo Custom ROM I renamed the zip file to Update I Cut the Zip File I transferred the Zip File to SD Card I ejected the SD Card I put my SD Card back into my Nexus One I gained access to Bootloader on my Nexus One I wiped DelVik/Cache I wiped System I flashed from SD Card Selected Option Update.zip Baking Reboot
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