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  1. So after two years I'm switching to a new device, an Xperia Play. And even though the improvement is staggering, I still felt sadness the moment I took my SIM out of this lovely old phone. The Pulse is an awesome device, maybe frustrating in times but it still had a ton of spirit when compared to some more contemporary beast phones. I never regretted getting the phone on a two year contract, it introduced me to Android and the modding community in a perfect way. For that I'm thankful. So I hope the community lives on and the Pulse sees a good and stable 2.3 port, so it can still prove how resilient it is. Cheers!
  2. The highlight pink is a .xml in the framework, just really can't remember which one. I'm using a modified vanilla though, so it's not a problem for me:) You can just use ogiogi's theme as a base and go from there. I can try to help you out, but after this weekend, I'm a bit busy now. The sound issue (if we can call it that) is bugging me as well. Louder Volume Hack doesn't seem to work for the headphones. There has to be a solution, but where? Also, my Market seems to be broken. It always stays at "Starting Download" :S Cleared data and cache and it doesn't help. I think this is an existing problem in 2.1 roms, but I can't remember what the solution was.
  3. Just felt the need to say thanks and congratulations on a job well done to twrock :) Ever since starting with Paul's MCR 1.7 for this rom and all through the beta 2.1 roms up to Tom G's Cm ports, FTB just might be the best rom the Pulse has ever gotten. It works great, I even have a ton of games and clutter installed and it's still fast and smooth. As a sidenote, I'm using the Canvas (with WallpaperWizardii and BetterCut for homescreen modifications) and it's awesome. I think it should have been the default launcher for the rom since ADW is free for download on the market for whoever wants it. Again, very well done and cheers!
  4. twrock, I think you're the last beacon of hope for the Pulse on these forums :) Good work. BTW, I might suggest you implement the fix that removes the annoying Wi-Fi warning in the next release. It was a simple build.prop tweak, I just forgot what it was exactly. Cheers!
  5. I'd say TouchPal Dialer, much faster on our phones. Cheers!
  6. Yes, set it to internal in Settings > CyanogenMod Settings > Application > Install location. DT A2SD will work as it should when Android installs apps to internal memory, the ext partition DT is using fools the OS that it's part of it's own internal memory. If you make Android install apps to external then DT A2SD only works partially. I'm personally using DT A2SD with apps to ext partition and cache from internal memory, it helps me to control the amount of apps I install so the phone doesn't slow down too much :)
  7. If you're using Darktremmor A2SD then you should absolutely set this to internal. If you just use the native CM7 A2SD then external is better. Cheers!
  8. Oh, just shut up. If you don't like the ROM than don't use it! You're not even reporting bugs, you're reporting your stupidity cause you can't manage to follow instructions and install the thing. When you learn how to do that and actually use a ROM come back here and post impressions, not this gibberish. Dumb troll. The ROM does install, but just as twrock said the problem is that it's very slow. The gallery is almost unusable, games unplayable and so on, so I assume it has something to do with 2D/3D acceleration, animations are clunky and so on. I guess Tom G fixed this cause he said that the version he currently uses is fast and he doesn't notice any slowness. And as Antonie said a few post up, there will be an official version, Tom G said it should happen sometime during the next week. Keep up the good work guys, ignore the imbeciles. Cheers!
  9. Do you even know what an open source project means? Just get lost and don't fill the forum with your useless posts. Good job Antonio, don't mind these buffoons. Cheers!
  10. I just installed this ROM and gave it a spin so here are my 2 cents: - The install instructions are all good, if you follow them the ROM and all additional apps will install just fine - I have no FC's, the programs work, CM settings on CM7 is fantastic, I love what they did there - It's Gingerbread :D BUT - It's way to slow, even after the suggested optimizations (it has moments where it goes fast but that's if you don't do anything significant with it) - Performance in games and visually demanding apps is so bad it's not even funny - Gallery piratically unusable, again way to slow I have to say that while it's a very nice ROM to test how CM7 (and with it Android 2.3) looks and feels it's simply not optimized for daily use. I hope that Tom G and AntonioPT find what's causing the slow performance and fix it, but till then I'll stick to CM Plus. As a side-note, Antonio maybe you could reconsider doing a final version of the Plus ROM where you'll include all the fixes you mentioned and repackage it for the models with lower system memory. It is the best ROM for the Pulse at the moment, so why not release an upgrade. Cheers!
  11. Has the ROM been updated for the smaller system partition of the u8220? By the way I think the same issue appeared on your Plus rom, I remember installing it and a2sde and gapps couldn't fit there as well. Good job BTW, nice that you provide the community with what it has been asking for months :D
  12. Yup, he's the forum's "Mister Negativity". I honestly don't get it, is he actually feeling better if he blows someone off?
  13. Wow, beautiful news :( I have to apologize Tom, for a moment there I thought you gave up on this phone. So I guess Time Machine and back to Tre 2.1 (has anyone tried to update the Tre rom over the old UK 2.1)?:
  14. That's good news, I honestly hope it will actually happen.
  15. Hey, sorry for the wait. Here's the framework you wanted, cheers! DOWNLOAD: Serenity.zip
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