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  1. Any help with my problem with Wi-Fi? Twice I have same problem! "unable to scan networks"...and wi fi turns off....no metter what I do. Pls any suggestion?
  2. I have same problem with Wi-Fi. I reinstalled adroid becouse of that problem and same thing happens now. "unable to scan networks". That happens only after I did a first reboot to windows (after installation). When I boot Android again I'm not able to scan for Wi-Fi (and cannot connect to wireless). Any suggestion? Couse I cant do a fresh installation everytime when I did reboot to windows. Pls help?
  3. I did it, finally! :) Thnx guys. This time I didnt touch init.rc file and set in startup mmcblk0p2! Let's go further!
  4. Guys I have a serious problem. Cant do a new fresh installation again. I had problems with wi-fi and manage to install andorid again (on my storage). Now I repeat same process for clean installation and can boot android at all. I made everything (like i didi 1. time) - ext4/fat32/swap...and made a tweaks in vold.fstab (0 -> 1 and in the and of line 0-> 1), then in init.rc make change (from mmcblk1p5 to mmcblk0p1), then create a fstab (256 MB). Change in startup.txt to mmcblk0p1, and run haret....then nothing...for a 30 mins. Then I tried to change in startup.txt to 0p2 (I remove my sd card, since I have it) no help, same thing. Then flesh original rom, then Rapids rom (jj1), did same tweaks, repeat same things, no help...cant boot Android. Any suggestion. I think that problem lying in partitions... Now im remove my sd card from phone and try again, but no positive results. Can anybody help me with suggestion? Maybe im wrong named partiotions or something...have no idea. Help? Edit: this is short changes i did: sudo tar zxvf ext4.tar.gz -C /media/system vold.fstab : s3c-sdhci.1/.../mmc1 init.rc: mmcblk0p1 fstab: sudo touch /media/system/system/etc/fstab sudo chmod 666 /media/system/system/etc/fstab sudo echo /dev/block/mmcblk1p3 swap swapdefaults 0 0 > /media/system/system/etc/fstab
  5. Ok, now I understand that problem more. I forogot relations between phone part and calling possibilities. And about NAND, you know much better then me when would be a time for that kind of operation, so no offense at all. Your (and rest of dev team) job till now is amazing and I really appriciate that you have free time to improve our old device. Cheers!
  6. Can I ask some hipotetic question..? O2 contain 256 MB RAM memory. Developers has just 128 MB for drivers etc. So, If we remove some drivers (for example: some sensors, radio..) can we get more free space for UI and get some more space when our phone is on Android. And another, maybe stupid question, WM use 128 MB of our RAM if we remove Windows from our device (I mean to remove whole code) is then possible to install clean Android, which can use whole space (256MB)? I know that my questions are stupid, but i must ask... :)
  7. About RAM, I think that we need more space, but I will agree with clue that is not possible yet, couse O2 is not a native android phone. I have big troubles with Wi-Fi. In start it worked flawlessly, now it is not able to scan for network when I turn it on. Restart doesn't help. Any suggestion, or fresh install again?
  8. Great job to Dev's!!! Installed on My storage and everything work's, and it work's pretty fast! Only problem is that Android doesnt recognize my SD card...i know that exist solution for that maybe, but i cannot find it. Any help? Bravo for work!!!
  9. Some NAND version for easy flesh soon? No pushing...just asking, im with u guys from 1st day of your work! Thank you!
  10. @Dev team - everything seems great, but when I recieve phone calls my phone ringing about 4-5 sec and then screen became black (no more ringing), and there is no chance to answer the call. Very annoying thing.. :( So, is there any suggestion how to solve that problem, or you guys working to fix it? Anyway, Froyo seems stable and I wanna thank you for your great job.
  11. I installed beta2 last night, on my storage. WiFi works as a charm, it seems a little faster, have 60 MB free RAM (which is better than beta1), in 8 hours my battery dropped from 18% to 10% in standby, device is not so hot on maximum usage, and SOD...what is a SOD?! ;) GREAT JOB DEVELOPERS!!! Thank you!
  12. You already have Froyo.iso....just read more through the topic! ;)
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