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  1. but is it english? i saw that earlier too but ignored thinking that it is a polish rom..
  2. i am using that rom of yours which is really great :). but when i saw MS team rom for omnia II really hope that someone like you will create or at least port that rom for our omnia. please tell me can we flash those roms ? will keyboard work? please thunder can you create one last rom ! or atleast teach me how to port one for personnel use....
  3. we will create a rom. some =one has said 'rom wasn't built in a day!'
  4. hi Isascaboy89 thanks for showing interest . no one is interested in cooking for this great phone anymore.there are some old roms but not a single well furnished rom like i8000 . i am happy that there are still some omnia pro users left and i am not alone. i hope you are a fast learner . eager to hear more from you. sorry for the late reply...
  5. one final full rom for our b7610 with wm 29022! please some one make this last full rom for b7610......:(
  6. hi guys. i had some flash wallpapers and always wanted them on my omnia pro. as we all know wm does not support flash wallpapers. but samsung touchviz ui itself is a swf . so i just went to windows folder. renamed original widgetplus.swf file to any other and copied desired swf file to windows directory. renamed it to widgetplus.swf . turned on samsung widget plus on today screen and bingo. and funny thing is that u can even mix it with background image to produce nice effects. if u dont want any background image behind flash wallpaper put any blank image as wallpaper. its really working guys. try it. happy new year :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wqpCK2afyo
  7. hi friends, can someone please upload registry back up of omnia2 or omnia pro b7610 // at least hklm\drivers\builtin\wavedev folder...
  8. hi can u please upload the wallpaper of leaves on bench in sense rom. i really liked it. please..
  9. hey can u please upload the wallpaper of leaves on bench in sense rom. i really liked it. please...
  10. sorry for late reply . if its under warranty then u dont need to worry about it. if not then go to service center and ask them to change socket only. also there is charging ic near socket points on board.u might need to reball that ic . hope this works for u. cheers.
  11. may some one with divine power see this and create a flasher or hack for it.
  12. hi Daskalos.i am grreat fan of ur roms and really respect ur hard work. recently i got this sony vivaz s60v5 , which can not be modded until its hacked..vivaz is only unhacked handset in the world , getting help from no where. i know if you decide you can make this dream come true.we all sony vivaz holders will really be greatful to you.

    ignore me if i am bothering you.thanks

  13. hi friends. recently got this sony handset and stuck with it.is s60v5 need to be hacked for modding .only handset in the world that remained unhacked until now and no help is expected from anywhere .:(tried everywhere. ominus is a famous flash tool but need to pay for flashing .not useful for everyday flashing . flasher can be created with little modding of ominus . dont know if it is the right forum to ask for it but certainly my old one. :rolleyes:
  14. i just flashed sumits 23148 rom. its really great.only problem i am having is that No Audio Effect (SRS WD) in Media Player .is is faded. any help really appreciated. thank you.
  15. hi friennds.i am using 6.5 and i want to remove 1,2,3 icons on today screen wallpaper like 6.1 . i think its in samsung widget plus .can some help me to do that?i dont want want to disable widget plus. thanks
  16. hi kaspy.which je2 build u r trying to upload?sumith could have helped.but he is not an omnian anymore
  17. great rom. what r d changes in new vesion. thanks.
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