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  1. Funnily enough I've just came to this site while waiting for mine to power off, been a couple of minutes now. Using A19 so nothing to do with not using the latest rom.
  2. Is it just me or is People broken? I've added two contacts now, and neither show up in my "All" list and I can only access them through my "Favourites" menu. Deleting them from "Favourites" means I'll only find them in my "Call History", where I can re-add them to "Favourites" to get them back into my phonebook. Contacts have been added as a Google option but they're not syncing with my Gmail account either and I can't even find them in my "Favourites" in Gmail despite running a manual sync. Anyone else with the same problem or advice?
  3. Not getting a charge light showing here. Edit: Has randomly decided to turn on.
  4. Have found out how to join contacts now. It hasn't imported Facebook contact photos but the contacts are joinable at least :)
  5. Found an odd issue with Footprints where the camera is on a 90 degree angle different to how I'm holding the phone itself. Quite confusing! The accelerometer seems to be completely out of line in the app and it's registering movements wrong as well.
  6. Just tried Alpha 17, first time using this ROM, and it's excellent! Is it possible to merge contacts on Desire? It seems when I merged them with the Cyanogen ROM that it hasn't carried over to Desire.
  7. I had it on my iPhone 3GS and it was excellent.
  8. Cheers. Working my way around various sites trying to pick up what I can and taking notes of apps to grab :(
  9. I should be getting a Nexus One through on Friday and I'm just wondering if there's a guide, quick-start or tutorial on where to start with regards to modding the phone? I've heard about rooting, about using custom roms, Paul's work on Sense UI, and it sounds great. Is there anything I really should be doing when I get the phone for the first time? Essential tricks? Recommended apps or hacks? Basically I haven't got a clue where to start with Android but I'm eager to learn after moving away from my iPhone 3GS and wanting a bit more control so opting for the N1 instead. All help and advice is appreciated :(
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