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  1. Cache cleared on both Firefox and Chrome and still unable to bake a ROM.... help.......
  2. My issue is intermittent signal loss... not happening with my previous Modaco ROM (don't remember version number) but everytime I make or receive a call, i'll lose the signal at least twice during the call. Other phones are not experiencing this. Should I update my baseband in the kitchen?
  3. misticjeff

    OTA Intsall Reminder

    Hi Guys, I'm running a stock GRH78 setup but am rooted. At some point in time it seems that I may have downloaded the OTA update to my phone and now it constantly asks me if I'd like to reboot and install the update (I don't want to) I cleared the Dalvik and did a factory reset, install Modaco r10 and I still get the nag to install the update. Does anyone know where it is downloaded to on the phone or how to get it to cease and desist? Thanks
  4. misticjeff

    MCR r22.1 archive

    Hey Paul, I might have found a bug with the HTC Clock/Weather widget and/or weather app altogether. If I tap on the weather and go into the weather screen, then go to settings > Update Automatically and check it, then set whatever update frequency I want and then close, when I come back to settings it is unchecked again. It does this no matter what I do so it will never update automatically. Hope that is understandable. Thanks
  5. misticjeff

    MCR r22.1 archive

    Great work Paul!!! and I know you're going to hate me since I keep bringing it up, but.... ================================================= * 360-degree auto-orientation by Optedoblivion ================================================= I know you have more important things to do such as bluetooth, google voice, etc.... but 360 degree rotation is just awesome for apps. Thanks again from a VERY satisfied Plus member.
  6. misticjeff

    Nexus One and Desire ROM Need Help

    OK, cleared the cache and did a wipe and he can load the Desire ROM... but... he gets no network connections... no 3G, no EDGE, no wifi, nothing... any idea guys??? Edit #1: More details... The phone tells him he has no network... yet, he can make a call and receive calls but he cannot get online or into the marketplace. Would this be the ROM or his phone?? Edit #2: His phone is showing the wifi symbol as "connected" and it says connected in settings to his network. His phone is also showing 4 bars and 3G. However, he cannot get online with the browser, sign in to google or use the marketplace.
  7. Hi Gang, My buddy and I both have Nexus One phones. We have both unlocked the bootloader, rooted the phone and loaded the MoDaCo custom Desire ROM. The issue is that my phone works as should with no issues. My buddies phone will not successfully boot the Desire ROM, it gets stuck on the "quietly brilliant" loading screen and will never go past. The one time it did go, he then got a ton of force close errors, etc... Now, we've tried loading other ROMS as well and it seems with every ROM that he has network issues. Not only with 3G, but with wifi as well. Does anybody know of a fix? or how I can help him get the Desire ROM up and running. I've thought about flashing the radio but not sure it would help. Thanks a TON in advance!!!! Jeff
  8. misticjeff

    MCR r22.1 archive

    I'm surprised Paul can remember his first name, let alone what he posts in two separate forums... It'll get here when it does... and in Forrest Gump's best voice "that's all I have to say about that"
  9. misticjeff

    MCR r22.1 archive

    and just for those of us who aren't quite as savvy. How do we enable music controls on the Desire lockscreen??? Edit: Paul... any chance of full screen rotation in apps?? Cyanogen has enabled this and it's a godsend when using in a car dock, etc..
  10. misticjeff

    MCR r22.1 archive

    Hey guys... I'm here in Las Vegas too... just loaded the Alpha 11 build on and everything seems to be working a treat. I still see the "H" and not 3G (hmmm..) but still have the marketplace issue (not all downloaded apps showing) and in mail not seeing any pictures, just little "x". Google voice not available.

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