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  1. worked like a charm and I have HC. I did however did 17 and 18 in reverse, first I wiped and then I installed and nt as described in the list. why would I wipe after I installed?
  2. ranblv

    Is the Incredible S rooted yet?

    That is the only reason I am not buying it. I am never going to use an unrooted phone again, I need my firewall and other protection from all the crap on the internet.
  3. Thanks for allowing the r11 kitchen, got it now.
  4. without the rtl fix, I rather use R11 :-) Reading hebrew backwards is not a fun sport :-)
  5. baked twice once with the new radio and once without , still stuck in the logo screen (did a full wipe) used the rtl fix on both times
  6. ranblv

    I take it Paul isn't a fan?

    He tweeted about it again yesterday, but still no posts, I also wonder if the rom will support JM6 and up too. The closer MWC gets the less likely we are to get help from devs. Once the xoom and g-slate are out...
  7. Thanks to evil and jupiterdroid from XDA we now have trackball wake for sense roms YOU NEED ROOT! Instructions: Copy package to the ROOT of you sdcard and extract it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...4&d=1288983166 Install Gscript Lite Open Gscript app Press Menu Add Script Load File Select vision-tp-wake Ensure "Needs SU?" is checked Save Run Script **The phone will then do a "Hot Restart", let it boot again et voila! http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment...mp;d=1288983166 Paul: could you add that to the next MCR with sense?
  8. Anyone got the wifi hotspot working after root and installing MCR R2 ? I keep getting "error".
  9. Been hoping for this, baking as we speak :-) Thanks PO
  10. Thanks, Don't really use SIP or have problems with the market, just hoping to get a few more tweaks on the upgrade.
  11. ranblv

    RUU - 1.72.405.3

    Install the latest superuser app from the market
  12. ranblv

    RUU - 1.72.405.3

    I wouldn't put the new ota until there is a proper rooted deodexed rom for it, either by leedroid, mike1986 or Paul himself. it will save you the pain. when they finish with it all you will need to do is enter recovery and flash their rom.
  13. Good job, Can't wait for MCR R1 for the S That phone needs some help.
  14. ranblv

    Rom Manager Problem

    have you tried uninstalling rom manager itself and reinstalling it.
  15. ranblv

    Rom Manager Problem

    Rom manager is at version 2.5.12, not 1.6 and has nothing to do with flash whatsoever as far as I know. see here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/7NyNC...feat=directlink
  16. ranblv

    Rom Manager Problem

    Rom manager was updated yesterday or the day before, have you updated?
  17. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=863475 just flash the zip file works both on the desire HD and desire Z on cyanogen rom
  18. ranblv

    Gingerbread keyboard for cyanogen rom

    Sadly our forum leader is busy with other phones now , so we have to wait and use other roms for now.
  19. ranblv

    Gingerbread keyboard for cyanogen rom

    Are you sure you are using the cyanogen rom? it won't work on any other rom
  20. ranblv

    charging issues with recovery

    not a lot we can do, the recovery comes up because it removed the animation of the charging battery, it still charges fine so no harm is being done.
  21. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=863475 just flash the zip file works both on the desire HD and desire Z on cyanogen rom
  22. ranblv

    The Nexus S announced.

    Also no 720p video, this phone would have been great in 2009

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