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  1. Well if that's the case I just don't see this selling.. I mean, techies like us will avoid it due to the lack of features and the general smart phone customer base will also avoid it due to others being "better" (Because we all know the higher the number the better the phone is :P)
  2. Hmm.. 8gb and 16gb models? Do I smell a similar pricing model to the Nexus 7? Does this mean I will finally be able to afford a nexus phone? I, for one, am actually enticed by this news
  3. Thanks, the pro was defiantly one I was thinking of. However she had her heart set on a blackberry (eww) so that was out of the question. Luckily I found a HTC ChaCha for under £100 (Which I personally wouldn't look twice at) that fit the bill. The reviews seem fair and it isn't the worst phone in the world :)
  4. Hey guys. To tell you the truth I'm not up-to-spec with all the latest and greatest android phones (After buying a Galaxy S2 I've been rather content with what I had). I'm looking for a *Budget* android device with a full physical qwerty keyboard for my mother. Landscape / portrait doesn't matter here :) I have been Googling all day for the choices but most seem to be US exclusives.. Any Names or links you could throw out would be really helpful! Thanks
  5. Xdas n0p was adding basic support for this battery.. I haven't been following streak development for a while though ;) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1314898 Until then you can try re-calibrating the battery: Charge to full, reboot to recovery and wipe battery status Allow the device to fully discharge then charge completely uninterrupted. Then its best to repeat the 2nd step once more Good luck!
  6. Look back through this thread. We have suggested some more complete roms and kernels to improve stability, speed and batterylife ;)
  7. What did you think all the recent GingerBread roms were based on? :P Including StreakDroid Nothing of note has been changed in this release :(
  8. Oh yes you need to create some very specific partitions and "mirror" several files The internal SD is the phones internal memory, it holds almost everything vital to the device (Including recover etc.) Which is why almost every phone manufacturer uses actual flash memory to store this vital software, not cheap microSD cards :P I think this thread contains most of the info you need: Actually (I'm no expert) but it looks like your internal SD card is okay.. (Isn't write protected). Could be something essential is corrupt, I donno Good luck!
  9. Its a pretty easy fix.. There are guides littered around the forums. I personally would cut a slot in the plastic to get at the internal SD rather than taking the streak apart (Good for the future and less chance of breaking something ;) I wouldn't send it back or try and get someone else to replace it, chances are any 3rd parties wouldn't have a clue what's wrong with it
  10. Well thats certainly a different post :P Where you've almost solved everything yourself But if the internal SD is failing (And it looks like it is) this problem will just keep repeating itself and getting worse. Perform another check on the internal SD and if its still failing you may want to think about returning it under warranty or replacing it yourself Plenty of guides on this form But if it was just "one of those things" and there really isn't anything wrong with it you may want to use this opportunity to upgrade to Gingerbread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=698 Currently I recommend this rom with GXKernel: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1314898 Which has a very active Dev and is continually getting speed and performance tweaks
  11. Also check-out GXKernel: (GKernel with overclocking) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1387155 Overall Smoothness and battery life is unreal using GKernal (Although without any form of overclock game performance suffers) Will try GXKernal later this week :)
  12. Use any root explorer app (such as ES file explorer), enable the root option and give su permissions Then navigate to /system/app and delete the desired apk file. reboot and you should be good to go :)
  13. Using a root explorer navigate to: /data/misc/bluetoothd/[device id]/linkkeys Then change your liveviews ID to something like this: 6C:23:B9:9B:4A:85 5AF503E766858EA7916D46C16DD31A34 0 4 You only have to change the last two numbers to an zero, space, four. With the help of tasker this should make it at least useable
  14. The tasker / locale plugin is an extra. The mod is packaged with an decent app to manage 2g/3g for you :) It needs to be resigned because it patches several system apps (phone.apk etc.) Well it is a pain in the ass.. Keeps disconnecting <_< Tasker re-opens the app on disconnect and I've edited the bluetooth keys so that it auto-pairs (Instead of prompting everytime). Although I don't know if I'm going to continue using it
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