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  1. If you truly wanted to show your appreciation you could just say thanks. I'm sure Paul has his own life to tend to.
  2. Hi Paul, does this mod look workable? There's also a battery percentage mod available for KJ2 floating around now.
  3. Hi Paul, I've found the culprit that prevents wireless tethering in KJ2. Tethering Manager. Once I froze it in Titanium, tethering works again.
  4. ah... my mistake... Is there any way you can get rid of the carrier check that gets done when activating wireless tethering? i believe if you use market enabler to spoof AT&T and you activate wireless tethering you can reproduce it.
  5. I'm on H2o (an AT&T MVNO provider), and I'm can't turn on wireless tethering because "your apn is not set up for tethering". Highly annoying since my provider doesn't require me to purchase a tethering package.. I can only hope my this doesn't apply to my native provider back in Singapore.... The 4G icon replaces the H+ icon I believe. Another one of T-mobile's shenenigans in trying to get people to believe that H+ is 4G. For some reason, my backup of Gr7 is corrupted and restoring results in bootloops.
  6. I'd also like to point out that in this version, wireless tethering seems to be restricted. I just got a message that I need a tethering plan when setting up the hotspot when i never did before.
  7. actually i believe it's more than just wifi. it's the CPU drawing more power than it needs.
  8. gah.. that's odd.. i saved the log as soon as it crashed... the thing is i've fixed it, and found the problem. LogsProvider's link withint the system seems to be broken upon flashing Gr7. So even though the apk is in system/apps, android doesn't see it. I have to manually back up in titanium and restore after flashing. by the way, an interesting read for battery life management
  9. I see that com.sec.android.providers.logsprovider is shown as uninstalled in Titanium backup, even though logsprovider.apk is in my system.apk folder. Is there any way I can manually point the system to logsprovider.apk? reflashing the rom does not fix this. I have redownloaded twice. everytime I try a full wipe to install, I get FCs on Settings.apk when I try to get into about phone, so wiping doesn't work. EDIT: Fixed it. Had to restore from Gr5, backup logsprovider and restore in Gr7. For some reason flashing Gr7 seems to throw logsprovider's link in the system off. Was wondering if there was any way to diagnose what's happening here. Any ideas paul?
  10. anyone else experiencing com.android.acore force closes? I know Google+ 2.0 causes it, but I'm using Google+ 1.08. It is definitely a problem with Gr7 since I had no problem with Gr5, but the moment I flashed Gr7 (the one with the updated google apps), I get the FCs. It seems to have something to do with the logs because if I wipe contacts (contacts.apk and contact storage), I can load up the dialer, but the moment I hit up the call logs, bam I get an FC. Also FCs when I end calls which matches up with the theory that logsprovider.apk is the culprit.
  11. Well i've tried doing a full wipe to fix the android.process.acore force close (log posted on page 2), but now I get settings.apk force close when I try to go into about phone.
  12. Phone apk FCs, as well as samsung messaging. stock android messaging works fine (the google flavoured one). I have attached a log that shows me trying to open the phone.apk. FC when call ends as well, radio connection drops out before reconnecting. not sure what's wrong. alogcat.2011-10-16-01-43-14-0500.txt
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