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  1. I found the solution in the registry : HKCU\controlpanel\soundcategories\ring for the key : AttenuationCategory put value 1 instead of 2 the sound wont be progressive there will be no attenuation and you wont miss your calls ;)
  2. I want to play the game Warfare Incorporated 1.2 but when i launch it it s very small and touchscreen is not synchronised with picture. http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Games/Ac...et-PC-198.shtml is there any soft or trick to adapt screen resolution and touchscreen to be able to play this game ? if you answer a soft please notice if you tried it with omnia pro b7610 and if it was working. If you got a soft that adapt resolution and touch screen for all old 320x240 games just reply ;p Thx
  3. really good to close games with wrong resolution that make all keys unusable. -in the menu -tools -close active task
  4. i got the same problem i used an alternate solution to prevent call missed. i disabled my messaging service
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