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  1. Ditto on the black screen. Facebook must be cheesed.
  2. Well anyone looking to swap an AMOLED AT&T for a T-Mobile, please PM me.
  3. Where are you and does yours have the AMOLED or SLED? I've got a T-Mobile one, bought on day two and kept in immaculate condition..
  4. Running 38 and it's very smooth with ADW EX. Also got EDW Notifications and it's nice. Tho I did notice that by default it doesn't sync GMail, you have to go into your Google Account and set that manually. After I did that, all's been well.
  5. This has been the case on all of HTC's Froyo releases. They're aware of the issue but don't seem interested in fixing it. No one, to my knowledge has found a fix for this, other than installing the vanilla email client and using it instead.
  6. It makes a point of saying it's got all the new goodies from the HD/Z, like the new caller ID, the new HTC Sync, etc. The build number is different as well. This is new stuff.
  7. Here's what I read. My bet is the camera will be a much easier fix than what's currently floating around at xda.
  8. Word hit the streets in the UK that the update is rolling out OTA starting today. I'm figuring Paul should get his hands on an RUU in the next 48 hours, which means Desire / N1 builds in two to three weeks. I'm ignoring the DesireHD ports in favor of this, something we know will fit on the phone without the need for an external partition.
  9. Wifi not working is a known issue right now. It and the camera not working are my two hold outs.
  10. Tried it today, it's very spiffy. The tweaks to Sense are nice. But I need working Wifi and a camera, so I'm back to r24 for the time being.
  11. I noticed the hour flipping as well, my assumption was that's standard but until someone can play with a DesireHD I guess we'll never know. BTW, I didn't point out here is where I got the zip from, all I did was a quick sign job on it.
  12. I flashed the DesireHDClock from over on xda and works like a champ. It will flip the numbers rather than just jumping to the next one. signed and flashable zip attached. Nandroid before, blah blah, install at your own risk. DesireHDFlipSense.zip
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