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  1. from yesterday, the email process quits at start up, I cannot sync e-mail and contacts from exchange server anymore. No idea as to why this suddenly happened. Till now, I have not been able to send a text message. Downloaded some apps for text message but it's the same problem there also.
  2. still unable to send text messages :mellow: is there any setting where you can enter the settings for text message service... I can copy the settings from win-mo and enter it here, I tried searching for it in froyo but was unable to find such settings.
  3. Or you can install the Cab file into your ROM EDIT: Ok I now read that you are saying that it won't correctly if it is not cooked in..my bad RemoteDesktop.cab
  4. did you copy the 3D drivers to root of my storage for the first boot?
  5. It was working fine for two days and all of a sudden I am getting the process failures at start up, process.acore, process.phone keep failing I don't get anywhere. Deciding to reinstall again :)
  6. Same thing happening to me as well... it worked fine for few boots and then started with this type of error after I had added my exchange account, facebook account.
  7. I updated the kernel image with your patch, the keys seems to be working. However in keyboard, instead of $ i get the euro and if you hold down ALT key and then press < or > on the btm row nothing happens. press ALT key once and then press those keys it works. Great works Ernst Update on Froyo: Battery usage is still very high.. the phone is very hot during usage and I had 30% drop in half an hour!!!
  8. The froyo version, I downloaded the 1024.zip file and followed the methods described in the thread @ XDA portal. It was very surprising to see that I had GPRS connection at startup with Airtel (india) APN added automatically. I then used my google account to sign in. I went to settings->Display->Disable Auto rotate screen.
  9. I got it working, however, it's in landscape mode always. Problem with sensor, everyone's getting the same issue? EDIT: unchecked auto rotate screen and it is normal potrait mode
  10. I have been using android for couple of days at few hours intervals, the battery drain is a killer. I lost 30% of battery for 3 hours of usage. most of the time, the phone should have been in standby mode but i don't think it goes into. Anyone has any tips on that?
  11. i had already installed the 19th march kernel update from the webpage, after installing this update, i am not getting past IPC TRANSFER START screen and it's a blank screen after that. Need to reinstall everything now? :D
  12. flash the CSC from sumit's ROm thread, he has removed all unnecessary files and optimized it.
  13. in Ultra WWE Version, I am getting the character ₩ instead of \ I am using CSC: B7610NUJE2 [EDIT] the font changed again after reboot and i am getting \
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