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  1. No one has ever dealt with this. The Blade's "zoom" is just a crop, you can do it yourself after taking the picture!
  2. Looks like the very best ICS version... fast like hell, but HOME button does not work. what did I miss? ... later reflashed with full wipe, now I got my HOME back!
  3. Thanks a lot! But... I always use the same 10 step setting for the auto brightness, it works. If it doesn't, the ROM must have some error - I have tested with at least 10-15 different ones! GPS config is a good idea, but why is it so difficult to include a workig one in the ROM? The current 7.2 does not give me so many plus features and/or speed I would spend hours, or even minutes to correct what did not even break elsewhere!
  4. Not bad at all! One of the few ICS builds I can bear for a whole day. Unfortunately battery could not stand for a whole day, but it is still one of the bests I have tried recently! I miss some AOKP features, but it still worths to have properly working touchscreen. The stock dialer for ICS is unbelievably totally useless, I can not imagine how was it possible after so many years of developing Android applications, and with so many really good apps in the market (or Play, of whatever)! Stock "Messages" still starts very slowly.
  5. It behaves so in CM ROMs since the beginning of time. Developers never gave a sh.t to this, since the "zoom" on Blade is just a magnified crop, so you can do the very same later with any free software! I have found more interesting, that - auto brightness follows the light very slowly (although update time is set to half of a second) after a time (more than a day of uptime) - GPS practically stopped working after some two days of uptime. looked like working, but never found more than two satelits. Could not mend without reboot - if reboot helped at all, I do not really remember :/ Returned to SwedishSnow RLS7 again, although CM7.2 feels a bit faster.
  6. Is it possible that the slowness is somehow connected to the SD card speed? My card is very slow... if there is more than a single operation going on. Seq read is Ok, but anyway... It's just terrible... But the applications I am complaining about are of course on the internal drive, not on the SD. I have not got swap partition, but I have got apps installed on SD of course, no Ext partition.
  7. I have installed KonstaT's latest yesterday evening, but I only keep it till noon.
  8. light sensor does not work since I have flashed 30May over 26May... I know, "no whine", but is it the same for all? I have calibrated proximity several times. Since tan I have flasher 01June as well, but still no light sensor. Auto brightness settings show -1, GPS status shows nothing (I guess it is what I should see when there's no light sensor at all). Tested a bit... after factory reset it works fine (well, sometimes... currently does not work after full wipe either), but restoring only data also ruins the sensor... --------- Tested even more... and works now. Sometimes in near totally dark situations it behave strange, and shows "-1" instead if "0". But calibrating in similar cimrcumstances definitely makes it even worse. In the morning I restored the 26May backup, and flashed directly 01June over it, without the 30May, and now we are happy!
  9. Build info shows 15 May, I guess it should be a few days younger. Also it is after-rc2, so why is it shown RC1?
  10. Lightning fast! :) Which Adreno libs are included in RC2, and this UNOFFICIAL? I am pretty satisfied with the RC2 anyway without changing the kernel, or any lib.
  11. Did you set "always use GPU"? I have seen scrambled text only with this option, so I have disabled it!
  12. Usually yes, to 691MHz, but if I had reboots with ROM in a recurring way, I always test it on 604Mhz as well, and I have never found connection between reboots and OC! If it happens on 691, if happens on 604, and vice versa! Edit: I have just read your last line! :)
  13. Very good ROM now!!! RAM manager can really help, but setting the minimum RAM to the least value (25M) also helped a bit. As I hear from others using ICS on other hardwares, the slow(er) app start is a generic "feature" in ICS. Stock ICS dialer is a mess, but DialerOne is still DialerOne... :) One problem: in E-mail app, the mail text is white on white. I can read the headers, but can not see the message itself. For the first (few) start it works fine, but after a while it starts displaying no mail text at all! There is the place, where the message shoud be, I can scroll through nothing.
  14. The phone reboted several times when receiving an SMS during car navigation (one reboot per SMS)! Anyone else saw similar?
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