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  1. I want these games , but dont have electronic money , like paypal :) gove me games i give you 20$ in a minute but in CASH ! DAMN WEB MONEY SYSTEM :evil: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  2. __http://www.handyent.com/tribe/ it like tamagochi , but more advanced ! __http://www.handyent.com/tnt/ this is really strategy game Lemonade Tycoon - SUCK ! TOTG N TONG - ROCKS ! then i play in full versions of these two games i can die in peace :)
  3. need some optimize this player , bu_kandar83 keep working on it :)
  4. LOL , why look clockspeed in betaplayer ? I use PocketSNES to see clockspeed of my spv :lol: look system clockspeed in betaplayer just a BIG damn bull...t :D
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