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  1. same for me,now in service .They said the display is broken.The first sign is dust under it
  2. go look in windows and you will find s2u2 settings.create a shortcut to start menu firt and then from there you can customize your lockscreen.hope it helps and everyone else who didn't figured out yet that it's about s2u2 witch by the way it's amazing
  3. you have to instal first an extracted version from rom then update to 2010 from marketplace hope it helps
  4. comands like *#0002*28346# have no response in dialer.Can someone post a solution please edit: I have found the solution
  5. I managed to make the weather to autoupdate cause was't working.The problem is the auto_update_weather.ink.Created another one with resco explorer and replaced all of them including the one from windows witch is rom protected
  6. Congrats GC still one of the best cookers for o2 if not the best.I'm sayng that cause I use your rom again and it's a good one
  7. 1.) Turn of phone take out batter and put it back in. 2.) Download stock PDA(mst file), CSC,phone 3.) Open OCTANS 2.14 4.) Add the stock PDA, CSC file and phone part 5.)Check in octans the options Preserve devices content's and very important the option start downloading immediately 6.) Hit detect 7.) Plug in the phone 8.)Good luck it worked for me but only if you have the bootloader screen
  8. great rom efsane.The best ever for me arround 12 roms tested.forgot to say that I've changed the pagepool from 20 to 15 and works great
  9. Noticed that jf1 phone part losses signal when automatic network,back to jb2 phone part.After instaling java.cab from master twu2 all I have now a flawless rom.Realy appreciate your work Newforce,very good job.10X
  10. thank you for the phone part cause the jf1 one is crap(loses signal)
  11. hy Newforce,how about if I ask you to customize a rom just like JF5 but only it is the JD3 6.5.3 wich I think it is the best of all but should be 8PP , no opera, Xtra bug fixed and the rest just like this one you created and I like it so much but JD3 is better , what do you think ,can you?Pleeeaseeeee
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