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  1. Bill A

    AndyPad reset

    At 3AM after getting evils from the better half I was forgetting m'self :-) All is now setup ready to be discovered after Santa delivery and i've relinquished control for wrapping to commence Many Thanks and AndyPad do I believe owe you one :-)
  2. Bill A

    AndyPad reset

    Thank you for your assistance in getting access to the AndyPad. I am very relieved not to be disappointing my daughter and being able to have her use the Kindle App and get used to the tablet. Your kind and courteous assistance and expert prompt advice has been of immense use and I thank you profusely. Please have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year and enjoy a drink or treet of your choice with our gratitude. Many thanks Bill and Debbie (Very grateful techie parents :-) ) P.S. Some of these steps I'd looked at this morning (about 3AM (v. tired Dad) and the deal breaker was to remember on x64 bit Windows 8 to remember to run the ROM tool as administrator! ;-)
  3. Bill A

    AndyPad reset

    Many thanks it'd be a life saver if I could get it back in some semblence of order. I'm getting the evil eye from my better half and am hoping above all hope for a way to turn the situation around :-) What's worrying me is that it doesn't recognise the google id credentials. If it's happened once it could happen again
  4. Bill A

    AndyPad reset

    Well the nightmare scenario has happened. Looking to wrap present for 7 year old Daughter and cannot login to AndyPad using password used previously. Stroke gesture I use on all Android devices not being recognised and using google id isn't recognisig credentials. Is there a way to reset device so that I can re configure and have available for tomorrow. After initialy configuring I put away in box and opened yesterday to charge up ready for it to be unwrapped tomorrrow. Time and Date is wrong on home screen and I cannot get successfully logged in to reset and use. At a loss what to try now as with Windows OS I could just reinstall, Kindle I could phone customer services to unlock, and my iPad i could wipe on my PC and re-sync. What is the equivalent for the AP Pro? Guys I'm up against it here and would greatly appreciate a miracle!

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