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  1. I can try... but I don't know how to revert back to cwm...
  2. Hi Trip, I'm thinking about updating my recovery to 4ext Recovery ... Does your ROM support it ?
  3. Gr8 job Trip !!! THANKS ! Got my first reboot by clicking "Tethering & portable hotspot" but after reboot, it works... The sound is a little screamish will report more (if I find more...) BTW, is there a way to light the HW buttons ?
  4. Thanks Trip !!! AWESOME ROM ! It is fast and ~stable... This is the BEST AOSP ICS ROM that I flashed so far ! BTW, to all of you who have a battery drain : Do a battery calibration It is in page 30... System Settings > Developer Options >Force GPU rendering
  5. Hi, Is there any way to remove Google Music and flash the old player ?
  6. Well... [embarrassed] I didn't mean it like that... It was 01/01/2012, it was the alcohol talking... What I meant was, that I'm debating about flashing the ROM 'coz it is Sense base... (I had bad experience with Sense base ROMs) I love Trip's ROMs !!! Trip, if I offended you in any way, please accept my apology
  7. I don't want to flash this ROM 'coz it is Sense base... I HATE SENSE !!!
  8. THANKS Trip for the awesome ROM !!! Happy Holidays !!!
  9. What is the recommended Radio and RIL for ICS ?
  10. I will take a half working broke-down AOSP ROM over a Sense ROM any time

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