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  1. - Install camera app - Set a shortcut at: settings -> personal -> buttons (obvious seeing your error message) - Phone canvas only works with 6.5.x - Don't know - Don't know - Settings -> Connections -> Connections
  2. I'm using the wm 6.5 version now, and i have to say it's awesome :) Really great work Daskalos! I would donate again but i'm a poor student right now :) If i have some more money you'll certainly get some
  3. S2U2 really eats a lot less ram then the wm 6.5 lockscreen :)
  4. Klimto

    opening QWERTY keyboard

    Unfortunatly there isn't. The device has to load all landscape graphics for the phone, and these then stay in the RAM. So once you open it up it will be slower until you restart it.
  5. How much free ram does this rom have after let's say, a day of use, with no apps open?
  6. Klimto


    Found it somewhere on this forum but i can't share it for some reasons B) Just look for it hard :lol:
  7. Klimto


    Yes i am. I don't have any problems at all to be exact.
  8. Klimto


    I use almost the same combination, only another csc file. Check my signature B) And yes i have to say it's really fast :lol:
  9. You can't expect it to work flawless on a full rom. Sense needs alot of ram, and full roms don't have that :lol: It is probably restarting because tapping that button eats some ram and your phone doesn't have that anymore, so programs get closed and stuff freezes and so.
  10. http://www.tvsgreatesthits.com/pocketlcars/ First hit on google :lol: It really isn't so hard
  11. Klimto

    WM 6.1 vs WM 6.5

    Hey TS could you please share the samsung dialer cab that works for winmo 6.1. I have yet to find one :lol:
  12. Klimto

    Main Storage vs My Storage

    Well the difference is quite simple actually. The My Storage is just an internal SD card :lol:
  13. Klimto

    Custom ROM junk

    I really just can't understand that people want a rom that only has the apps that THEY use. Believe me, chefs aren't gonna make a personal rom for everyone on the forum. Everyone thinks some apps are junk while others think that that apps are really usefull. So just flash a megalite indeed and install the stuff you need.
  14. Klimto

    Registry Editor for Samsung B7610

    You can use total commander. You can find it here: Total Commander
  15. Klimto

    B7610 newbie.

    Just click it and you will go to the page :lol: It does work.

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