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  1. i know that i have it but someone contacted me with the question for the password so i said to pm daskalos about it!! oke,working for 5min with this rom and i have a double lockscreen! :P used a reg edit to enable 6.5 slide lock,but when i wake the divice up i slide 2 unlock and te second lockscreen pops up telling me to push and hold the unlock key,sombody help pleaze (really annoying)
  2. dask your inbox is full again so nobody can pm you about the psswd
  3. sense roms are really nice but for me not yet stable enough and some glitches thats annoying over time, but just only flash the pda part (nbo or bin) then your save from bricking,if something goes wrong you just flash it again, the scs,phone parts are the trickey ones especiale the part with the eboot in it,just gather the info i recommend a rom from daskalos, this one http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...-5-build-21914/
  4. just reflash your device with a JE2 or a JC2 (stock or coocked) stock makes a difference but the cooked ones make the difference between enjoying it or tossing it in the ocean hahahah but stil iam going to make the switch to an android or iphone or somthing, but stil going to cook roms for our b7610(just for fun and helping out)
  5. already done, but have some technical issues that need to be fixed need to talk to a cook to inlighten me on some subjects regarding building
  6. the only thing what i found is that when it s dark the screen is not that clear and really pixeling but in normal lighting there is no problem for me, no movie problems ether, cabs are very useful ill cook some with it
  7. hmmm whats the problem with it??? de oem jc2 on my b7610 works just fine
  8. ok.... need a little help from a cook, where the hell can i find the initflashfiles.dat file :huh:
  9. hmmm now you cant say that you didnt noticed it hahaha just upload it and pm me the link
  10. ok fm-radio back in!!! hahah in my opinion just putt all of your cabs in a map and upload it, i think it will be nice for the b7610 collection thread, and for the cooks ofcourse
  11. first attempt....................... FAILLL i closed the rom dump/built-tool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i was editing the rom so tommorow ill go 2 work on it again but to give a little glhyps of what i am cooking its a SEMI-LIGHT (i think hahaha) Removed in SYS: Messenger LiveSearch Money Weather Widgets Themes Costumer Feedback Marked Place My Phone Sample Music One Note Auto Update Removed in OEM APPS: File manager Fm Radio Main Menu Digital Photo Frame Smart memo Audio Note Data Filter Added APPS: Daskalos easy s3set (thnx dask.) Advanced Config Midomi SKtools (trail) and some reg tweaks like i said iam going to work on it again tomorrow, and remember this is just my first cooked rom, and hoping that my cherry is popped real good on this hahahaha will give update tommorrow BTW, does anyone feel like to share there third party apps cabs??? many thnx
  12. thnx bro,but is this a oem dump?? or a already cooked one??? iam gonnaplay with it and report back here if all works out fine anyone a NLD-ENG oem rom dump??? je2 perhaps???
  13. does someone have any oem rom dumps for me ,witch i can modify??? thnx in advance
  14. comparing a htc with android or a samsung with android is not really a good compare i think, android is much more searching of things and finding it on wierd places hahaha (on the galaxy s)
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