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  1. Well, Paul confirmed via twitter, that the 4.3-based MCR will come to the N4 for sure - just maybe not right away... There are some issues with 4.3 anyway still (an unclear root situation for one) so I'm not really in a hurry.
  2. I am on it now, it seems smoother, but I am too spoiled by extras from the MCR, so I will flash back to 4.2.2 and wait for Paul's new release I guess. BTW - Helium backups restored from Drive with no hitch - a decision to ditch Titanium (or at least cover both bases) was a good one. The SuperSU for S4 GPe's 4.3 leak works and you can just flash it from recovery. No dice with trying other SU solutions in my experience.
  3. Hey, a quick feature request for a kitchen here: Since you already include some CM-derived apps as extras in the kitchen, could you include their tweaked MMS app as an option?
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