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  1. Well, Paul confirmed via twitter, that the 4.3-based MCR will come to the N4 for sure - just maybe not right away... There are some issues with 4.3 anyway still (an unclear root situation for one) so I'm not really in a hurry.
  2. I am on it now, it seems smoother, but I am too spoiled by extras from the MCR, so I will flash back to 4.2.2 and wait for Paul's new release I guess. BTW - Helium backups restored from Drive with no hitch - a decision to ditch Titanium (or at least cover both bases) was a good one. The SuperSU for S4 GPe's 4.3 leak works and you can just flash it from recovery. No dice with trying other SU solutions in my experience.
  3. Hey, a quick feature request for a kitchen here: Since you already include some CM-derived apps as extras in the kitchen, could you include their tweaked MMS app as an option?
  4. Please keep reporting, I tried Franco's r37 too and actually had to recover the whole firmware. Running stock kernel for now.
  5. Well, I originally bought SwiftKey X on sale first (and SK3 goes on sale quite regularly as well) and I was more than glad to pay full price for the Tablet version (which seem to never be on sale ;)) I don't want to re-purchase both of them for full-price though...
  6. Is it confirmed if it will be a separate app or an upgrade to SwiftKey 3? They did upgrade from X to 3 for free... And it is constantly the bestselling app anyway.
  7. It drains battery like crazy because 1. 3d graphics (like many games) 2. GPS always on If my old Blade can handle Ingress I think I will use it exclusively for that ;]
  8. I really wish Google would include this Quick Settings mod upstream. That's exactly the functionality it needs. On a related note, although slightly offtopic - did you perhaps enable two-finger swipe for Quick Settings Shade in MCR for N7?
  9. Damn, Paul, you are faster than Google's OTA :P I just flashed the Jr2 (made a dirty flash over the stock JOP40C, hopefully it won't break anything)
  10. Nexus 7 with 4.2 is very, very slow for me since I activated multiple user profiles - on single user it was OK. Nexus 4 wakes up the screen for every notification and update (it wakes precisely every 15 mins, the schedule for Plume updates). Funnily enough it wasn't the case until today (or I didn't notice that).
  11. Great, it worked for me too. Time to unfreeze the Play Magazine app and few others ;]
  12. One question - did you root using insecure boot method (like this) or some other one?
  13. Received mine this morning, so will try and answer any questions as well. I just did it - it gets pretty warm in the upper back part quickly. But same goes with my Nexus 7 - Google Earth really strains the SoC... Plus with wintertime approaching I consider it a feature, not a bug :P
  14. Huh, have you seen any of Nexus 10 (p)reviews? There's no 'tablet UI' anymore as it was in 3.0-4.1. At least there's no unified Status-NavBar.
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