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  1. You can swivel it out of the way, you know :)
  2. Has anyone been able to play AAC audio files on their C550? This is, litterally, the only reason I'm going to be returning mine. If there hasn't been any progress by monday, it's going back.
  3. BT & IR beam are accessed in the same way, you just need to have BT turned on before beaming.
  4. I'm still really miffed at the blatant lies with regards to AAC playback. Unless somehting happens to fix it, it'll be going back to them on friday.
  5. My mistake :) so many names and numbers flying about, it's hard to keep up :D
  6. not through contacts, but you can using the photo contacts app.
  7. That's what we get for being early adopters, I'm afraid. There's a list of confirmed working/not working apps, and what not, in the main section. Take a peek, and add what you've found with these programs.
  8. I've not used the sync feature much, mostly because I'm an iTunes guy. The first time I tried it, it aborted, like it has been for you. The second time I tried, it hung WMP. After a reboot of the C550, it aborted again. That's when I gave up.
  9. I'll direct you to the slew of posts comparing the two pysically. They're not that hard to find. From what I've read, the Universal (the C600) isn't much bigger than a Magician.
  10. erm, you wouldn't actually be removing the battery :) should be able to sit like that for weeks.
  11. slide the back off, then back on. it will stay off until you hit the power button.
  12. The webstore it pretty low priority for Orange, you'll always get a faster turnaround by phoning them up. I'm another one that went for the CoolSmartphone linked offer, ordered tuesday afternoon, minutes after it was put up. Arrived this morning.
  13. It swivels out of the way :) AAC + WMP = "A registry entry is corrupt" Interesting.
  14. Like I said above, AS will let you copy the .zip file to the phone.
  15. you can use activesync to move the zip file across, then unzip on the phone. (Wouldn't let me move the .exe across) Worked like a charm :)
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