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  1. No, you don't. I didn't myself and everything works like a charm. But, as lennyuk stated above, if anything seems wrong, better try with a wipe again, then complain here ;)
  2. Talking of ideas: Are you planning on offering some sort of kitchen? I imagine it would be fun to be able to get flashable zips (e.g. kernels) and individual apks packed into a custom-cooked Switch-ROM. Sort of: "add zips to be applied to Sense", "add apks to be added to GPE" etc.
  3. That sounds like this kernel isn't properly handling init.d as well. Use "adb shell su -c /etc/install_recovery.sh" and it should switch, after a failed switch. (or execute su -c... in a terminal emulator, which should probably work too)
  4. Well, there IS a way, as Paul just mentioned... I had Nova on GPE and Stock on Sense yesterday, without any popups. What I did: - disable stock-launcher in GPE - reboot to recovery (adb reboot recovery) - adb shell - move /data/app/com.teslacoil.* to /system/SWITCH/gpe/app/ (Nova doesn't have any libs) - reboot - No more popups on either side, as Sense doesn't have Nova installed anymore.
  5. I managed to switch by doing a "regular" switch, which results in another boot into the OS you came from. Then "adb shell su -c /etc/install_recovery.sh", that did the trick. Flashing is exactly your problem; once you're on Switch, you can forget about normal flashing of kernels, but you have to proceed as Paul mentioned above: Unzip the kernel-zip, copy boot.img to /system/SWITCH/(gpe|sense)/boot/, and copy everything that's under lib/modules (most likely) to the according directory in /system/SWITCH/(gpe|sense)/lib/modules. Then perform a switch, and the kernel will be active, and it will stick.
  6. Be careful with kernel-mods: e.g. faux123 won't work, because it doesn't properly support init.d. That means, I got it to run in both roms, but couldn't switch automatically anymore, had to use the adb-command to switch. I played around with elementalX yesterday, that will work with switching, but seems to use up more power than faux123. In case you wanna try elementalX, someone uploaded his elementalx.conf for me over on XDA yesterday, because you wont be able to use the aroma installer for initial configuration. elementalx.conf.txt
  7. Will try beta7 later, phone is running hot meanwhile, from all the booting ;) Still struggling with widgets, though. Sometimes after a switch a widget doesn't appear at all, or one appears instead of another, trying to get that sorted.
  8. -24 really has to do with orphaned data. I deleted /data/data/com.teslacoil*, now I was able to install nova. *FIXED* About the kernel: I just tried elementalX, that seems to properly support init.d, and switching works. Will have to come up with my own config-file, though (no flashing, no aroma installer, no config generation ;)
  9. Just flashed beta6, it still keeps the wallpaper in sync, between switches... Is that just me? And I can't install Nova-Launcher anymore, I keep getting "error -24". Anyone else having something like that?
  10. I searched the corresponding thread on XDA about this kernel, and there's someone else mentioning that some init-script isn't executed as it's supposed to be, and another one is asking whether this kernel will have full init.d-support, with the dev answering "some time perhaps"... So probably that's just the problem.
  11. Just a suggestion: In your install_recovery.sh, you might test for the file's existence, before executing? #!/system/bin/sh # Run scripts /data/SWITCH/gpe/firstrun.gpe /data/data/com.modaco.flipswitch/flip A simple [test -x $FILE && $FILE] would prevent unnecessary errors?
  12. I copied it, to the same name, so init.d should kick in. [email protected]:/ # ls -la /etc/init.d/00switch -rwxr-xr-x root root 101 2013-07-22 11:18 00switch Maybe the kernel doesn't handle init.d-stuff correctly, I'll try to find out about this.
  13. Nope, doesn't. I have the same kernel running for both ROMs, did the changes on both, and they're loaded: [email protected]:/ # ls -la /etc/init.d/00switch lrwxrwxrwx root root 2013-07-22 10:45 00switch -> /system/SWITCH/sense/etc/install-recovery.sh [email protected]:/ # ls -la /system/SWITCH/sense/etc/install-recovery.sh < -rwxr-xr-x root root 104 2008-08-01 14:00 install-recovery.sh Kicking it off by 'adb shell .... ' works everytime, though. Will keep trying. => shouldn't that link point to /etc/install-recovery.sh, perhaps?
  14. Perfectly right you are! init.rc seems to have changed, install_recovery.sh is not called. Manually calling that script resulted in a successful switch :) Ah... I'd have to get that into the boot.img, right?... Hm...
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