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  1. Thanks for the great ROM =) it really fixes most of the annoying little bugs. Any chance of including Arabic language support? or if any1 knows a pack that could be compatible with Froyo in order for me to flash it myself? Would love to see an official update from Google themselves fixing it once and for all
  2. Just found a bug and thought about reporting it. Please let me know if I'm wrong or if anyone else has faced it. I'm on the latest A-r21. When receiving an SMS containing a business card, click on the business card itself in order to view or save this contact. It will say " The vCard has been imported successfully". However, this contact was no where to be found when I checked the contacts. I know it is not a major issue, but hey I think its a positive thing to report it ;)
  3. This ROM keeps getting better and better! However, tried to bake a ROM that includes Arabic support. It caused a problem making so many applications to crash and force close. Am I doing anything wrong? did any1 else include Arabic and not find any issues? Its just this Arabic part and I will consider this ROM as perfect
  4. I have tried out the alpha12 version, I faced a problem when installing a pack for enabling Arabic that originally worked perfectly on my N1 Cyanogen But when I tried to flash it with the alpha12 ROM it caused a lot of apps to force stop working (Gmail, Facebook, SETTINGS). Any suggestions or help? I got the pack for Arabic from this site: See Link Great work BTW.
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