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  1. A little Offtopic: May someone update the thread initiated by XeOs? Is still updated the 14th of february.
  2. Some of the developer or of the code.google page maintainer (not a newbie like me) can put somewhere an installation file containing all the updates (last zimage, working 2d/3d drivers, last beta version) please? Something like a Beta V2?
  3. Or he can dump its stock rom throgh DskDUMP application. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...60/dskdump-2-0/
  4. So it is possble to remove the 'Start menu' application, put something on today screen and use SPB MS as start menu?!!! If yes it would be wonderful!!
  5. Hello Twu2, thanks for sharing your work!! I would like to ask some things as newbie: How can I extract italian MUI files (code 410 I've understood) from CSC? in which way I can replace the english MUI files with the Italian ones, simply by copy and paste? or there is a specific procedure? Thanks again!!
  6. The last excel file (1.11) doesn't contain the complete list of I8000 ROMs
  7. I've installed the patch in the first post but I don't see any change (more than 1 minute to fix) one question... there are at least 5 suggestions in this thread: 1) the tweak in the first post 2-3-4) three different .cab in the fourth post 5) the twu2 post Which is the one that "work like a charm"? Enabling aGPS, the XTRA will not work anymore? Thanks for answering.
  8. Hey Guys, hoping in the porting of android on OMNIA II i'm looking forward for the WEBOS smartphone, nobody of you has considered that possibility. Please, could you tell me why?
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