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  1. download modules from the link, then use 'insmod' command in a rooted adb shell (run 'su' command to switch to root first) or terminal emulator to load module, then usb otg module works, it's quiet easy
  2. Zhiming Zhou

    Bootloader Unlock, JB, bad news :-(

    yep, kernel does support kexec I've also tried to kexec stock kernel, just brick the phone and auto-reboot I think some mods need to be done to current kernel to make kexec really works and the boot/recovery is not in any partitions, it's integrated before the first partition (about 256MB in total) current problem is we don't know the key to pack boot image, and unsigned boot image can't be booted
  3. Zhiming Zhou

    Bootloader Unlock, JB, bad news :-(

    I just really care about unlocking bootloader, because I really need to flash custom kernel on XOLO X900 as Razr i and Grand X In is bootloader unlocked, there should be no reason XOLO still lock the bootloader
  4. Zhiming Zhou

    Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    Yes, wine is possible, I've already run wine based Windows applications in Ubuntu for XOLO X900
  5. Zhiming Zhou

    Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    does chroot works? maybe u can change my script and comment some code...
  6. Zhiming Zhou

    Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    use another VMware linux or use vmware-mount in Linux, copy all files in vmdk (20 files are snapshot, actually one vmdk file) to sd card and done, haha ^_^
  7. Zhiming Zhou

    Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    u can modify defines (mount point and partition number) in my script to suite yours: MNT_PATH="/system/sd" DEV_PART="p1" to MNT_PATH="/data/sdext2" DEV_PART="p2" my script doesn't mount vmdk file, u can put your sd card in windows or linux to copy files in vmdk to sd card 1. in windows u can run a sepeate VMWare linux virtual machine (like Ubuntu) to copy files in vmdk to sd card or 2. in linux and direct use vmware-mount tool to mount vmdk file, and copy files to sd card other linux distribution images I mean is rootfs image (contains all installed files like vmdk), not ubuntu.iso install CD image (normally readonly), so previously we need to copy all files in vmdk to sd card if u already have a installed i386 linux, u even can direct copy all files in linux partition to your sd card and if u have a installed linux rootfs image (normally loop image), u can modify my script to mount it and the last point, because XOLO X900 only runs x86 kernel, u can't use x64 linux image
  8. OK, this is a Chinese document, which is really good for me ^_^
  9. can u release this? I really want to flash custom kernel on XOLO, haha
  10. Zhiming Zhou

    Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    actually this is not too hard you need to stop android to unlock first framebuffer device, and edit my Xorg config file to change device name and resolution 1. stop android: run these command in adb shell after su rooted setprop ctl.stop media & setprop ctl.stop zygote chmod 000 /dev/graphics/fb0 chown root:root /dev/graphics/fb0 2. change xorg config: change /dev/fb1 to /dev/fb0 change 1366x768 to 1024x600 change "displaylink" driver name to "fbdev" 3. startx Then u should see X on Android phone screen, the shortcoming of this is you can't use Android and Ubuntu at the same time
  11. Zhiming Zhou

    Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    U mean display through OSD/X900's own HDMI port? this will need custom kernel, cause stock kernel doesn't contain HDMI frame buffer support For now, custom kernel still can't be flashed to OSD/X900, so I just use USB display adapter
  12. Zhiming Zhou

    Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900 (OSD)

    I have not encountered USB disconnect problem, maybe something wrong with your USB OTG cable? I use a MicroUSB female to USB male adapter and a MicroUSB OTG cable For LapDock, because its power is controled by HDMI signal, you need to make sure HDMI is connected first And I'm also thinking of your ideas about mode to LapDock, the biggest problem is MicroUSB port is at the bottem of XOLO X900, if we direct connect XOLO to MicroUSB male connector, then MicroHDMI connector on LapDock will be totally shaded by our phone I'm in China, it's not that easy to upload a video to Youtube (blocked), but I'll try, haha ^_^
  13. Hi: I've managed to run x86 Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900. I have tested several quite useful x86 programs: Skype/Ubuntu One/sopcast/Flash player/Opera browser ... I use a displaylink usb display adapter to get video output (via USB OTG of course) I use motorola lapdock as display device and keyboard/mouse input and I use Lubuntu 12.04 system, Ubuntu display on external display device, so it will not affect android system at all this is final effect: Please follow my blog post for steps of making Ubuntu for Android on XOLO X900: http://zohead.com/archives/ubuntu-for-xolo-x900/?lang=en (This is a multi-language blog post, sorry I really don't want to post the whole content again) You will need to download udlfb display driver from links in my blog post Currently shortcomings: Audio doesn't work USB display adapter hotplug may cause X server crash USB OTG and charging can't work simultaneously The best solution should be patching kernel and enable HDMI frame buffer support Just enjoy ~~~ ^_^ Regards Uranus Zhou
  14. I'll take some time to write a guide to how to run full x86 Ubuntu over HDMI via USB display adapter And stocking kernel of XOLO X900 does support IP filter (iptables), OSD should be the same
  15. current stocking kernel does support loop, I already made full Ubuntu works via HDMI output (with external USB display adapter)

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