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  1. Hi Paul, I'm still using on any phone I have, including my flaming new SGS2, an old port of the HTC IME you made a long time ago from the desire's sense.. I wonder if you could just do the same with the latest HTC keyboard from the sensation so that we can benefit of the full multitouch support and general improvements made from HTC. And of course suggest us whether we should sell our SGSII and rush to a sensation or not! Thank you for all the support you give to the community! EDIT: just realized that the sensation has a different resolution and this would likely prevent that port from working on different devices.. :/
  2. Hi, I have this issue as well, is there anyway to fix this by my self? maybe cooking a rom w/o the htc IME and then installing it stand alone?! thanks
  3. Thank you for your reply, I have tested it myself and I can confirm it worked for me: Uninstalled the app with ASTRO app manager and then installed it back with the market.
  4. So this is confirmed not working? I don't want to unistall the pre-installed one and be left without any gmaps at all! Running Sense a14
  5. Hello, good manners want to first introduce myself before starting to post in other topics so here I am! Lorenzo from Italy, happy Nexus One owner and proud follower of Paul's Android Church :) Thank you Paul you are so great! See you guys!
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