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  1. It is strange, I did it and since then, I am experiencing sleep of death every time phone goes to sleep.
  2. voytecks: thank you for package, I just unpacked it manually in ubuntu virtual box to My Storage, so far no issues, Android booting without problems and currently I am syncing phone with google account. Will post experiences later on. devs: very good job and crossing fingers!
  3. Once again, PLEASE stop asking same questions over and over again! Just take a break for reading...You are asking but you are not listening/reading!
  4. omg, no offense my friend but do you really sometimes stop, read and think?
  5. guys, are you able to share your Win7 32bit ADB drivers?
  6. Thank you for this update. I guess Winmo back button you mean "End call" button. If yes, then with your update it puts phone into sleep...
  7. Sorry I really don't understand posts like this. As you are following this topic quite some time already you must know dev's are fighting with that so long and working hard on other things in parallel as well. Do you think they will provide solution as 1-2-3? Patience my friend...
  8. it is obvious when CPU is running on full speed all the time. I repeat - please read dev's page.
  9. guys I really recommend to properly read ALL instructions and feature list provided on dev's page...a lot of answers are there.
  10. Rapidshare mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/441851209/Rapi...7__Naked_ENG.7z
  11. Lancez: thank you for this great rom, so far best one I've used.
  12. Yes, but winmo version remains same, doesn't it?
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