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  1. i get bootloop when trying flash from r22 gonna try to flash this rom without a2sd n see if still get. why does that even happen? its only on last couple roms, never used to do it =[
  2. im unable to install, i was using Amon recovery image and it let me install but then when power up phone the boot image just cycles, switched to the clockwork image and i cant install unsigned? don't know why but it says e:signiture verification failed so it wants signed, and if use signed same thing happens as with Amons
  3. i just updated to rom from r22 and its not syncing my contacts been saying it is for ages but not done it when normally instant, also not downloading anything from market and not showing my personal widgets such as taskiller or audioguru =[
  4. everyone else have the limited text issue? its worst thing for me =[ like the rom is amazing but that makes it really difficult to use, also cant send or recieve mms..
  5. will the text probs be solved in update? why do they keep appearing again on random roms??? tends be best roms that have text limit lol
  6. i genuinely never noticed this before myself lol.. its cos the nexus rom is linked to this thread for the specs.. plus im sure before they changed the kitchen format that i mannaged to install it lol =/ ha thanks for pointin this out anywayz
  7. im getting "E: can't symlink /system/xbin/[ E: failure at line 43: symlink busybox system: xbin/[" when i try install =/
  8. it works with no card or my 4gb card.. i wanna be able use my 16gb one tho =[
  9. now it wont even boot up after being formatted and not partitioned =[
  10. my 4GB one thats same grade and make but 4GB not 16GB works fine =/ its so odd lol
  11. tried it with ext3 and still same problem, goes to the htc screen but doesn't actually boot up =[ dont get why partitioning it would do that
  12. no i just left as ext2 when partitioned
  13. it boots fine without the partition on SD card and fine with my other card that came with phone partitioned just not this one =/
  14. i got a new 16gb SD card and works fine when i format it but if i partition it so i can use APP2SD it wont boot up only gets to the HTC screen
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