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  1. Re: Cerebus - http://www.cerberusapp.com Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Let's you lock/wipe the phone if it gets stolen, take photos remotely, trace it remotely and do things like take a snapshot with the front-facing camera if the unlock code is wrong. It's free for a week, then has a one-time cost of around £2 (other similar apps have a monthly charge) Not sure what your policy for including commercial apps is, but if it were part of the ROM it could survive a factory reset, which would be really cool ;) Owen p.s. I guess it's a bit like a home grown/cheap version of WaveSecure
  2. Just wanted to give some feedback. Been running the Oct 13th prebake all weekend and really please with it. Haven't come across any FCs or anything that's not working. The only issue I had was the initial flash where I tried to apply the update without a wipe. I cleared caches and applied but the phone seemed to go into a bootloop (or just stuck on boot with the animation repeating over and over). Once I wiped it all seemed fine. Battery's lasting twice as long as it was before, but I suspect that's more due to the fact that the wipe has cleared out all the crud I had installed on it :) Pleased enough with it not to return to my backup ;) Cheers Paul!
  3. Hi Paul, I don't suppose you'd consider including Cerebus ( https://www.cerberusapp.com/download.php ) into the kitchen?
  4. owencutajar

    Asphalt 6 HD

    Title says it all. Pop into Samsung Apps, check out Games -> Arcade and grab your free version of Asphalt 6 HD. Requires a Wifi connection to get license (and download around 0.5G of data)
  5. I don't actually HAVE a Vega, so it's a good thing there's a lottery going ...
  6. Just installed ROM on my Nexus ( previously running Cyanogen 6.0.5 (no apps on SD) ) Works brilliantly! Thanks mate!

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